Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The House of Style

My house looks like I am growing a mini Rachel Zoe (many shameless references to her to follow). Except Rachel Zoe probably does not tell her mother that she pooped on the floor.

Monday my sister-in-law gave us a huge bag of kid clothes and shoes, including leotards and never-worn Dora underwear. It was like we won the lottery.

Tuesday I went to Ellen’s. It was BANANAS how much clothing she had in her basement for 5 kids … and she had already gotten rid of a lot. I took some cute stuff for all my kids’ future needs. AND my mom brought me a bag of magazines from my fabulous Aunt Cathy … Oprah, Bazaar, Vanity Fair, People. I was SHUTTING IT DOWN (which, in my world, means I locked the kids out of the bathroom and had a good read for about 5 minutes)!

Wednesday we got home from Leigh’s to find a little chair, a princess coloring pad TO DIE FOR and a bag of girlie stuff like wands, tiaras, leotards, princess heels from my friend Ambre and her daughter Amatista.

It ALMOST makes me want to drop 20 pounds and go vintage clothes shopping. But I am currently having a love affair with Russell Stover dark chocolate coconut creams. I like to buy the poor little misfit ones because they are unwanted (and cheap).

Who else watches The Rachel Zoe Project? Dontcha think Taylor is good at her job, but a total witch? Poor Brad needs some serious training and a little coddling. Doesn’t she know that he could become her gay husband?

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