Thursday, August 21, 2008

Space Bags Received!!!

Michael said we need dirt and water (the commercial shows them throwing dirt and water on the sealed Space Bag). Joel said they have 4 layers of protection so nothing can get in them.

If only commercials incorporated some real learning into them, my homeschooling job would be done.

Took the Cube Space Bag downstairs to pack clothes into one and vacuum out the air. I made sure everything I put in the cube was totally outgrown by all 4 kids. I fit THREE large plastic tubs into one Cube Space Bag. It was wicked heavy, but I have Popeye arms from schlepping babies.

Armed with a Large and 2 Medium Space Bags (and the vacuum), I then tackled the cedar chest, which houses rarely-used items, like tablecloths and maternity/skinny clothes. They didn’t smoosh down as much as I’d hoped, but it’ll work.

The Hanging Space Bag will be the Christmas gift of choice to all my enemies. I want to know that they are wrestling with the damn thing like I had to do. It’s a joke, but if you can get it to work right, it’s nice. I smashed 6 fluffy winter kid coats down to only a few inches. About 10 minutes later, the clothes detached from the hanger part and re-inflated with air. I may be testing that money-back guarantee!

I suggest you buy Space Bags in a store because by phone is a ripoff AND they overcharged me AND almost didn’t let me buy them without expedited shipping (which would have been an unnecessary 10 bucks since they came in a week anyway!!).

Now I have more room in my house for … you guessed it, Reader: CHOCOLATE!

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  1. my mom's been raving about her space bags. maybe i'll have to give them a try...


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