Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Locks of Love

Weight Watchers is soon launching a campaign called Lose For Good, which basically contends that lots of people are overweight but lots of people are also starving, so let’s balance it out.
Along those lines, I think some of us have too much hair and some have none (due to alopecia, chemo, parenting, etc.).
I say we long-haired hippie freaks need to donate our hair to Locks of Love.
And please don’t whine to me about how attached you are to your hair. That’s like being attached to your spleen. You can’t even SEE it most of the time.
I’ve done it 3 times and have never cried when the first cut was made. My hair does not define who I am inside (and you can print that in a philosophy book of quotes, friends).
You thought I was just a BABY factory! But you were wrong! I am SO much more than that. I am also a HAIR factory! At this very moment I am making hair for someone who cannot.
Some salons will even cut your hair for free AND send it to Locks of Love
I’d love to hear your story. I'd also love for Blogger to work so I could post my before and after photos!!!!

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  1. do you think i could donate all the hair that's falling out of my head now that I'm not pregnant anymore? I bet that would cover at least a childs head :)


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