Monday, July 21, 2008

#BigFamilyTravel: Phoenix, Arizona 2008

Whether you want it or not, here it is. This is me rubbing your face in the fact that I got to go to the beach last weekend!!!! Ten years later, we descended once again upon San Diego, only this time we had TRIPLED in family size.

We arrived around 10 p.m. Friday night after seeing some cool Imperial Dunes and neato rock mountains. Thanks to much prayer, we got a room facing the ocean with a palm tree right outside our window.

Saturday we hit SeaWorld (I hadn't been there for 31 years), and about 10 million other people had the same idea. Shamu was first on the list. The theme of the show was something about "Believe," but all I believed at that point was that we were going to be living in a mobile estate and firing our pool boy (as if!) thanks to the prices at SeaWorld. 

 I can hear you all now: "That's what you get for being a baby factory!!!"

Six hours and six crispy people later, we left. We grabbed takeout on PCH and went over the bridge to Coronado Island for some nighttime beach fun. The kids were thrilled. Weather was amazing.

The next day we skipped Mass because we couldn't figure out where and when to go, and instead we thanked God for letting us be at the beach on Coronado Island. We enjoyed being together, got further crispy, got sand in every crevice of our bodies, and did not want to leave. But we did leave and got back to scorching Arizona around 10 p.m. 

(2020 perspective update: I actually lost a friend over this post because we skipped church and went to the beach instead; I did not realize that missing weekly Mass was not okay but now I know better, and I certainly do better! Fraternal correction is a tricky thing.)

This week Joel learned to swim at the hotel pool, we went to the Phoenix Museum Tuesday night and to the Children's Museum of Phoenix today for our doses of culture and fun. The rest of the time we were reading, drawing, coloring, learning how to play Diego (like Dora's cousin) dominoes, and loafing around.

The kids are like little Eloises ... they are buddies with the entire hotel staff (gifts of chocolate from us don't hurt!).  They get to sit behind the desk, and the head housekeeper, Linda, gave the kids animal goggles for the pool today.

Writing of all this happiness is making me nauseous, so I can only imagine how you all feel. Sorry about that.

Quote of the week goes to Michael. Joel told him not to touch his trains because they are delicate. Michael says, "They are DUMBicate."

Forget Flagstaff or the So-so Canyon. We are heading to Sandy Eggo again tomorrow afternoon. The beach for sure, maybe the zoo. Dad, book my room at the funny farm for when we get back home!!!

K-k-k-kerrie and the Jets


  1. that was a really nice time. i will remember it always. dumbicate - priceless

  2. that was a really nice time. i will remember it always. dumbicate - priceless


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