Friday, September 25, 2020

Do You Know What Buyers Want From Your Home?

 Are you thinking about selling your home? Even if you’re not planning an immediate future sale, it’s still worth exploring how you can change your home the right way to make it more appealing. Ultimately, you need to get into the buyer mindset here and ensure that you offer them exactly what they want. This could be different than what you might presume. So, let’s take a look at some of the options that are most sought after by modern buyers. 

A Green Home 

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You might want to start by thinking about how to make your home greener. This is a big deal for the typical buyer. They want to make sure that they get a home that isn’t going to cost them a fortune in energy bills in the future. They also want to guarantee that they don’t end up in a situation where a recent home purchase ends up hurting the planet. Luckily, this is easily avoidable. One of the best ways to deal with this is to make sure that you are looking at energy efficient replacement windows. Don’t forget, while you are still living in the property, this is going to benefit you too. You’ll see a substantial change to your home bills if you invest in this option. You might also want to just consider filling in the gaps in the ways. Holes and cracks or crevices can cause hot air to escape leaving your home feeling cold, even when the thermostat is on high. 

You might even want to explore alternative energy options. The most popular solution that might be worth exploring here is going to be solar panels. While these used to be quite expensive, they have dropped in price lately thanks to evolving technology. As such, you should be able to squeeze this option into the typical home budget. 

A Low Maintenance Home 

You might also want to think about how to ensure that your home is easier to maintain. It’s always going to be important to the typical home buyer who is looking to start a family or even a retired couple. This is why it’s a smart choice to upgrade your home with something like laminate flooring. Laminate flooring won’t break the bank and will ensure that marks and stains can simply be wiped clean. 

You might also want to consider artificial grass for the garden. While this is more expensive, it’s becoming more popular on the market. It also means that you will never have to worry about cutting or maintaining your lawn again. This can be a massive USP for a potential buyer. 

We hope this helps answer the question: what do buyers want from your home? As you can see, buyers don’t need to be dazzled by a property that you put on the market. It simply needs to offer the right home comforts and the best options for a growing family. From green advantages to low maintenance options, there’s a lot of possibilities to explore here. 

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4 Health Hacks For Working Out During Pregnancy


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Just because you have a baby brewing in your tummy doesn’t mean you’re ready to stop exercising. Not only have you worked hard to get your body, but you want to remain as healthy as possible during your pregnancy. After hearing all the horror stories, it’s smart to try and stay as comfortable as possible!

Sure, you’re happy to admit there will be a point where you have to wind down - we see you, third trimester - but even then, you can continue to exercise. All you need to remember are the hacks to do it, which are outlined underneath.

Maintain, Don’t Gain

There are plenty of myths surrounding working out while pregnant, and they’re scary. However, pretty much every expert worth their salt is in agreement about one thing - you can maintain your routine in the first trimester. That means, if you used to jog a couple of miles a day, there’s nothing wrong with keeping up with your regime. The trade-off is that you shouldn’t ratchet up the intensity once you find out you’re with child. For example, it’s not healthy to train for a marathon if you’re used to completing a 10k. The same goes for lifting. CrossFit fanatics can lift the same volume, yet you should avoid barbells if you mainly focus on cardio!

Try Pilates

Probably the biggest change when you find out you’re pregnant is to your energy levels. You may not show straight away, but the internal changes will happen very quickly. As a result, it’s hard to find the motivation to work out, which is where a Pilates session comes into play. Firstly, online Pilates classes mean you can do it remotely without putting anybody’s health at risk. Secondly, since it’s a non-impact exercise, it’s ideal for pregnant women to build flexibility, strength, and muscle tone because it trains your core.

Create A Solid Foundation

Your stomach is only going to expand, and it will ruin your posture. You’ll find that there is an ungodly amount of pressure on your back, which is crippling. Something as straightforward as bending over is tough in the third trimester. Thankfully, you can prepare your body from the beginning by building a strong foundation now that you can maintain in the future. Although intense, deadlifting strengthens your back, legs, and glutes through resistance training to ensure your back is ready for the grind when your center of gravity changes.

Use The Talk Test

When your energy levels feel normal, you’ll want to take advantage and there’s nothing wrong with the logic. If anything, it’s encouraged as lots of women miss out on working out in the first trimester due to morning sickness. One thing to keep in mind is the talk test. Holding a conversation while exercising shows that the intensity level is low enough that the heart can pump blood around your and your baby’s body. If you’re out of breath, it’s safer to drop back.

How do you plan on exercising now you have a bun in the oven?!

Thursday, September 24, 2020

What is HUD and What Does it Do?


You’ve probably heard of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD. However, like many government programs and agencies, you may be unclear about what role it plays, and what actions it has the power to undertake. Let’s look at what HUD is, and what it can do for members of the American public.


Provide and Subsidize Public Housing


HUD is a federal agency overseen by a cabinet-level Secretary. Its primary function is to provide housing to people who might otherwise go without, who are eligible under HUD screening criteria. This often comes in the form of housing projects, or public housing, but it also includes Section 8 subsidizing of rent for low-income individuals or families.


Insure Mortgage Loans


HUD also oversees the Federal Housing Administration, which insures mortgage loans. In essence, a series of grants and loans, like the Ginnie Mae program, makes it possible for people on fixed incomes, or those with low earning ability, to make down payments and secure home loans.


Monitor Public Education in At-Risk Neighborhoods


The “development” portion of HUD’s charter includes making sure that children in higher-risk neighborhoods receive adequate public education. This is done by monitoring and evaluating standardized test scores and other variables, for statistical purposes and to determine if any appropriate actions or interventions need to be taken.


Homelessness Relief


While many social services help to alleviate homelessness in major U.S. cities, HUD serves a unique role in helping place homeless people in housing. They oversee several programs from emergency placements to education, rehabilitation, and subsidization efforts that can help get people “off the streets” and onto a better path.


Poverty and homelessness are major issues in America. HUD’s goal is to work to make them less dominant, giving millions of citizens hope and the ability to have safe, secure housing.



3 Most Valuable Items To Sell at a Convenience Store


Convenience stores may not be as extensive as supermarkets and larger shops, but they provide essentials to travelers who need them. The operators think carefully about stocking the most valuable and useful articles to attract these specific clients. The following items are some of the most popular products that successful convenience stores often sell.   

1. Fresh Food

Because most convenience stores are located by gas stations or tourist-friendly destinations, many clients are travelers who have not stopped for rest and food. They may also be in too much of a hurry to wait for something to eat. Most stores have small kitchens where they prepare simple portable snacks such as pizza slices, fries and sandwiches. They also assemble cold foods, including salads and wraps, and place them in cool displays. Grateful travelers can just grab these coveted meals and enjoy them on the go. 

2. Beverages and Alcohol

Drinks are easier to transport and consume than food, so they are also a priority for consumers. They may want juice or soda to accompany their meal or need coffee to survive a long workday. Shop owners keep a supply of bottled and canned beverages, vending items and coffee makers filled with Michigan locally roasted coffee. Sometimes they also provide beer and liquor for those who do not want to travel far for alcohol. Employees must ask for proper identification before the purchase is processed. 

3. Car Supplies 

Drivers do not always have the time and resources to go to a dedicated auto parts store for a simple accessory. In addition to gas and car wash services, many convenience stores help customers out with affordable and accessible automobile supplies. Many of these items, such as pressure gauges, lubricants and jumper cables, are essential for people who need to perform speedy, on-the-spot car maintenance. 

Just like every business, convenience stores provide useful products and services to thrive. Smart operators sell these high-demand items to fully satisfy their customers. 

5 Ideas To Keep Your Kids Happy On Car Journeys



Let’s face it car journeys with the kids can sometimes be a bit of a nightmare! If you don’t keep your kids happy and entertained in the car, they’ll quickly distract you and cause a scene! Thankfully you’ve got plenty of options to keep them happy and relaxed on car rides. Why not give these five a try on your next family car trip?

1 . Watch a movie

Before you head off on your next car ride with your children, download a movie on your Ipad. A fun kids movie will have your little ones glued to the screen so that you are free to focus on the roads. To make things a bit more fun, provide popcorn and choose a movie with plenty of sing-a-long songs! When the movie is over you can always let your children play on some apps for kids.

2. Audiobooks

Audiobooks are simply perfect to keep kids happy on car rides. There’s are so many great audiobooks for children to choose from, here are a few ideas to start you off:

  • How To Train Your Dragon: Your children will just love the tale of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock. Tune in and get lost in these dragon training adventures, with plenty of laughs and surprises along the way.

  • Matilda: Roald Dahl’s classic tale is simply delightful in audiobook form. Your kids will be on the edge of their seats when they learn all about this unique little girl and her dazzling magic powers.

3. Kids music 

Children’s music is a fab way to keep your children entertained in the car. Download your favorite kid's songs before you set off; creating a playlist on your phone. It can be fun to get your kids involved in this process by asking them to help you choose the songs!

4. Digital drawing 

A digital drawing pad is a great tool for car journeys; your kids can make beautiful pictures (without getting pen marks on your seats)! Whether it’s playing Pictionary, or noughts and crosses, there are plenty of options with a digital drawing pad.

5. Classic games

When all else fails, try playing a classic car game or two; you could try ‘Rock-Paper-Scissors’, ‘I-Spy’ or ‘20 questions’. You could also have a go at playing ‘The Picnic Game’. To get started one player says, ‘We’re going on a picnic, and we’re taking…’ Each player adds one new item to the list each time. The idea is to repeat each item in order (and try not to forget any)!

It’s essential to keep your kids happy on car journeys so that they don’t distract you while you are trying to drive. Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of accidents, which is why avoiding becoming distracted is so important. Should an accident occur, you may need to call on the support of a personal injury lawyer. Thomas Law Offices provide some top-class personal injury services should you need further information.


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