Tuesday, November 21, 2023

History of 9028 Grant Street in Overland Park, Kansas from 2000-2017

My husband and I moved into 9028 Grant Street in Overland Park, Kansas on April 1, 2000. 

We brought home each of our babies from the hospital, all five of them, to this home, starting with Joel in June of 2001, then Michael in April of 2003, Callie in February of 2005, Eva in December of 2007, and Samuel in October of 2009.

We homeschooled them all here as well. 

I started blogging in 2008, and you can find a lot of the history of the house, including photos, on this blog.

Things we loved about it:

Being across from the school = free playground on nights, weekends, summers, and school holidays.

Being within walking distance of the library!

Being within driving distance of EVERYTHING.

Hardwood floors, which we uncovered ourselves and made look like new (credit my husband for that).

Being on a main street so that snow was plowed immediately and streets were treated for ice.

Things we did not love about it or which we outgrew:

Being across from the school = traffic at school pickup times.

Some of the neighbors, including certain rental situations.

People who would drive by and shout things at my kids who might be playing in the yard during a school day.

My son's new bike, which he got for his birthday, was stolen from the front yard.

Police and fire sirens at all hours going up and down 91st Street.

There was no parking in front of or alongside the house. And if guests parked at the school lot for a birthday party, certain neighbors were not happy about it. The parking situation was fine when the kids were little, but as they started turning into driving teens, we knew we needed more parking and living space.

We would not be able to have chickens, ride dirt bikes, or skate on our own pond :-)

The McLoughlin Family, November 2017, before leaving the house for the last time.

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