Thursday, May 11, 2023

Looking For a New Career? Choose the Transportation Industry!

If the moment you heard "
transportation industry," you jumped straight to driving jobs, you're off the mark! While there is, of course, a considerable amount of driving work in the industry - there is so much more to it. And, if you consider that the industry has been growing constantly, it is a great place to make your mark and start a new career.

So why should transportation be top of your list? 


No matter how advanced the world gets when it comes to technology - there will always be a need for truckers who are moving through the night: the planners, the buyers, the dispatch, the office, and more. Logistics companies are the only ones who understand what is involved, and the logistics community is strong. 


The difference between a job and a career is that with a career, you will be looking for upward travel. Perhaps you have data entry skills right now, those can be transferred to a career in transportation, and then you can look for upward advancement. 

What's more is that the industry is global, and there are opportunities everywhere (language learning aside). And, with more technology for logistics, there are new challenges appearing all the time.


Remember a few years ago when countries were sourcing PPE and lifesaving things from other countries? It was logistics that got them to where they needed to go. If you have bought it, a truck brought it - is the saying, and it couldn't be more accurate. 

While some shipments are lip balms and furniture, others are medical equipment, military devices, and more. 

Diverse Roles 

You name it, and the logistics industry needs or uses them. There are over 13.3 people working in the industry, and here are just a few of the roles: planning and strategy, customer service, purchasing, material handling, operations, and customer services. 

You can find everything from a diesel technician career to a billing clerk apprenticeship - no matter where your skills and interests are, you can find something to suit you. 


Since there are different rules and regulations for all countries, new technology, and changes in demand all the time - the one thing you will get plenty of is education and training. The transportation industry is highly motivated to ensure that they are compliant and have the best employees in each role - because logistics never sleeps. 


Perhaps leaving the best until last, but since the transportation industry moves in the region of 11 billion tons every year, there is plenty of money to be made. 

The demand is something that will keep the industry booming, and even in volatile times, the transportation sector very literally kept on trucking. Careers in IT, HR, data protection, and other tech jobs are likely to have a higher-than-average salary. 

Work-life balance

While the driving roles will have varying hours, anything in the office will usually have tools downed by 5 pm at the latest. There are expectations for logistic companies that are working in a different time zone or longer hours for special reasons. 

Most of the time, though, the work-life balance in the transportation industry is excellent. 

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