Friday, October 7, 2022

Ways To Make More Space In Your Home You Might Not Have Thought Of

 Making space within your home shouldn’t be hard, right? After all, you know where you live! You know how things work, and you can do whatever you want to change and/or renovate the space at your disposal. But in reality, a task like this turns out to be monumental. 

Think about it; when you’re already all set up in your home, it can be hard to try and change it. You can feel a lack of energy for rearranging the living room or adding more facilities to the bathroom, and there may not even be space for changes like this in the budget when you’re paying a mortgage. 

So we’re looking for easy differences here when it comes to adding to the amount of floor space you’ve got to work with. And if you’ve got a basement, it’s time to use it properly! Here’s how to make more space in your home using methods you might not have thought of. 

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Place Furniture Wisely, Instead of Cramming it in

You don’t need to overflow a room with furniture to make it a functional space to live in. Instead, it’s best to remove as much furniture as possible and then go through one by one, deciding which items are the best to use within the room. If you’ve not got room for space-taking items, it’s best to just swap them out for something that truly fits. 

A spare wall, for example, would be better decorated by a bookshelf with storage space, rather than an extra chair when you’ve already got a 4 seater sofa that comes with accompanying armchairs. 

Store Up, Rather Than Out

If you store using your vertical space, instead of spacing your storage methods out, you’re going to save a lot of room in your home. That’s why we have shelves and hanging items we can place our clutter in - using them keeps the floor clear, and allows for more furniture to be placed underneath. 

Similarly, just getting things off the floor will go a long way. For example, shopping at places like to buy a proper TV stand can help your living room to feel more dynamic. You’ll add levels to it using furniture like this, which means you can fit more in! 

Have a ‘No Surface Storage’ Rule

The surfaces in your home can so easily become cluttered; your kitchen counters, for example, are a prime candidate for an issue like this. So institute a new rule here - nothing goes on counters for longer than the task you’re using the items for. 

If you're cooking, pots and pans, spices and dry ingredients, go back in the cupboard when you’re done. If you’re using the dining table to work, your laptop and files immediately go away, rather than sit there for upwards of a couple hours. And while this might sound like an easy habit, it's certainly a challenging one to keep up with! 

Make Use of Combo Rooms

If you’re living in an open-plan house, it’s best to combine spaces, rather than continue to separate them like you would if the walls were still there. And many people fall into this trap without even realising it! But the more you can double up, the easier it’ll be to find more space to use within your home.

So do your best to move things closer together and use them as a coherent area altogether. A combined kitchen and dining area, a combined living room and office, or a combined kitchen and laundry room.  

Downsize Your Appliances

Finally, think about buying smaller versions of the current appliances you use. A small dishwasher made to be mounted into a vertical cabinet, for example, is a good way to make use of smaller spaces. Ultimately, you don’t have to clear out; you just have to work with the room you do have. And when you can do that, it’s much easier to have a bigger perception of your floorplan. 

Making more space in your home is something you can do within a weekend if you want to, so get started with ideas like these. Use your walls cleverly, make sure your furniture is in the right place, and even think about getting smaller things to use to help your space speak for itself. Plus, keeping things off surfaces can do a lot for your perception of your home! Use them together to really create a good sense of space within your own home. 

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