Friday, September 30, 2022

5 Bugs That Look Like Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are not generally a health issue. They are not known to carry diseases and they are too small to cause any significant harm.

However, they do come out and night and suck your blood. Although they only take a small amount of blood, they deposit a little saliva to act as an anesthetic. That’s how they can suck blood without you noticing. The result is a bite mark on your body. When you have been attacked by several bugs it will look like a red rash and each site could be itchy.

It’s annoying and can lead to a reluctance to sleep, potentially creating psychological issues.

It’s worth noting that bed bugs are very difficult to get rid of, you’ll best of contacting your local pest control firm and get their assistance.

However, if you think you’ve seen a bed bug before you do anything else you should verify that is what you are dealing with. There are several other bugs that look like bed bugs.

1.     Bat Bugs

Bat bugs are actually closely related to bed bugs. They are a similar size and do feed on blood. The difference is that they target bats, that’s the only type of blood they eat.

Bat bugs are usually found behind your walls and even inside chimneys. In short, think of where a bat may be and the best place for them to hide.

2.     Ticks

Ticks generally have longer legs that stick out to the side of their body. But, at a quick glance, a small tick will look very similar to a bed bug. However, because they are classed as a type of spider, ticks have eight legs.

Ticks will also stay attached to your skin for much longer than a bed bug. You’ll need to remove them with tweezers or a special tool and make sure you get the entire tick. They are known to carry diseases.

3.     Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles are generally between 2-5mm long, the same size as bed bugs. However, carpet beetles have wings and can fly. You’ll find them near your window as they love light.

The good news is that these bugs don’t carry disease and won’t bite humans. They are effectively harmless.

4.     Spider Beetles

The spider beetle is actually smaller than a bed bug. It has the same body shape but larger antennae and legs. They mainly feed on wool, food products, animal droppings, and even hair.

That means they are unlikely to be attracted to you and are not considered a threat.

5.     Booklice

Finally, booklice are very small. You won’t mistake them for bed bugs but they do look like the bed bug nymphs. In many respects, they are the same as young bed bugs although their bodies have a translucent edge. They also have slightly longer bodies although this may be hard to see without a microscope.

Again, this bug doesn’t want your blood or do any damage to your home, they simply want somewhere warm to settle. 

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