Monday, May 23, 2022

Latest Trends in Graduation Announcements


Square and foil-pressed design elements are the latest trends in graduation announcements. Customized text can include the grad's name, area of study, and school year. Browse graduation announcements with a gift registry. Consider foil-pressed design elements and bold type for your reports.

Square graduation announcements

A square-shaped graduation announcement can be a great way to commemorate your recent achievement. Whether your announcement is for a class of 2017 or a recent graduate, a square design is an elegant way to celebrate this significant milestone. Square graduation announcements can be printed on high-quality paper and are available in different sizes, so you can find one that suits your requirements. If you'd like to make your graduation announcements unique, you can even create your design!

Foil-pressed design elements

Try modern graduation announcements with foil-pressed design elements for a sophisticated and stylish look. These design elements are perfect for enhancing the appearance of a diploma and are a popular choice for many graduates. Whether the graduate is pursuing a bachelor's or master's degree, there's a graduation announcement for them out there. Of course, you'll want to create a card that matches the color scheme of their diploma and the colors in the design.

The latest trend in graduation announcements involves foil-pressed design elements. Depending on the style of the information, they may be used for the envelopes. These invitations are easy to mail because they feature an envelope containing the invitation card and postage stamp. Some paper suppliers even print recipient names on the envelopes, saving on postage costs. When ordering from a reputable company, you must insert the card into the envelope, apply a postage stamp, and your announcement is ready to go.

Bold type

If you are about to graduate in a few months, you may want to use bold type to make your announcements stand out. This is especially true for those who are graduating in 2022. But, aside from being brave, the message should be simple. This is one of the main reasons graduates opt to use a horizontal orientation. This is the newest trend in graduation announcements and is sure to catch your recipient's eye.

Regardless of why you're sending graduation announcements, choosing a font is essential for making your information stand out from the rest. A signature cardstock is an excellent choice for graduation announcements, while photo paper adds a smooth finish and a subtle shine to your graduation announcement. When choosing a font, you can customize its style to suit your preferences. A graduation announcement should also include the graduate's full name, school, degree, honors, location, and time.

Gift registries

Graduates are in the process of starting a new life, and graduation is an opportunity to create a gift registry. Most people will stuff cash in their graduation cards, but others will buy personal gifts. But, of course, the best gift is cash. Unfortunately, there are no etiquette guidelines for gift registries, but you can still include your wishes in the card.

Graduation announcements may include the full name and school of the graduate and the degree and year of graduation. You can also include special honors or notable awards the graduate has received. Other options to consider include extracurricular activities and achievements. These achievements can be worthy of mention in the announcement. While a gift registry may seem like a good idea, be careful when deciding on a graduation gift.

Photo collages

These photo collage-style graduation announcements are perfect for high school graduates who want to share their family photos and memories. Graduates can also feature their senior portraits. These cards can also feature a school's colors. 

These simple, modern design graduation announcements feature a centered photo for the recipient. The card has a glam look and three different foil colors. Graduates of business and medicine will love the edgy theme and the watercolor florals. To complement the theme, choose a color scheme that matches the school colors and the student's personality. However, if you want to make a more sophisticated announcement, try a design that features a bolder tone.

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