Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Are Cargo Shorts in Style?

 Whether you are a man or a woman, you should consider buying a pair of cargo shorts. As a man, cargo shorts are a wardrobe essential and are often overlooked because of the anti-style factor. Read on to find out how to look stylish in a pair! This article will cover the basics of men's cargo shorts and give you the confidence to make a style statement in the shorts of your choice!

Men should wear cargo shorts.

Whether you're a man or a woman, it's best to know how to wear cargo shorts properly. While cargo shorts can look comfortable and relaxed, you should wear them with care to avoid looking sloppy or revealing too much skin. The best way to wear these bottoms correctly is to pair them with the right accessories and clothing. Several styles and colors look good with cargo shorts.

They're a wardrobe essential.

As the mid-1990s wore out, the cargo shorts exploded into mainstream fashion. First, Abercrombie & Fitch became famous for their catalogs featuring shirtless men in cargo shorts. Next, the shorts served a practical need as cell phones became commonplace. Then, around 2010, men started wearing slimmer men's shorts and cargo shorts. And then the backlash against them began.

They're the antithesis of style.

The term "cargo shorts" has been thrown around lately, but they've become more common these days, thanks to the growing right-wing internet faction. The polar opposite of a blazer, cargo shorts are useful, but they also represent an increasingly out-of-date, risqué look. While cargo shorts aren't a classic style, they are still helpful, as they allow men to be a little more free-spirited. You can learn more about this by visiting websites like men's cargo shorts | UnionBay.com. 

They're comfortable

There are a few things to consider before purchasing a pair of cargo shorts. First, make sure they fit you properly. Cargo shorts are often baggy, and you do not want to end up with a pair that hangs low or too long. In addition, cargo shorts should be snug but not too tight, as you want to draw the silhouette of your legs rather than look like you're wearing a pair of potatoes.

They're edgy

Cargo shorts have been around for decades. They originated on British foot soldiers' legs and were adopted by American troops in the early 1940s. In their original purpose, cargo shorts were designed to hold maps, ammunition, and other items of military paraphernalia. However, since the early 1990s, they've come into their own as a casual weekend garment. The big pockets that once defined this type of shorts are now merely an artifact of past decades. However, the overall style remains relaxed and comfortable.

They're durable

If you're looking for ultimate utility and comfort, look no further than cargo shorts. This versatile style sits at the waist and has a relaxed fit through the thighs. Its 10-inch inseam and six pockets provide ample storage space. In addition, they feature slash, welt, and back patch pockets, making them ideal for storing personal items. Cargo shorts are made from durable cotton twill and Ripstop and are finished with heavy-duty hardware.

They're stylish

The origin of cargo shorts can be traced back to the military uniform. These shorts are excellent for casual days, but you should not pair them with smart staples. The style derives from military uniforms known for their practicality and multiple pockets. Hence, they naturally go well with utility work clothes. Shirts in navy or khaki tones work well with cargo shorts. Similarly, loose-fitting skate clothes like hoodies and graphic tees will look good with cargo shorts.

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