Tuesday, March 29, 2022

3 Mistakes That Age You Unexpectedly

 Age is only a number. Yet, it doesn't matter how often you repeat it like a safe mantra. Age may only be a number, but it is a number that is constantly growing. And we all have a natural aversion to old age. 

Why? Blame it on society and culture. It is commonly accepted that age can affect your physical appearance and health. While there is no denying that the aging process can impact your physical and cognitive health, it doesn't mean that growing old makes you inadequate. Unfortunately, society has trained us to perceive signs of age as a weakness. As a result, we grind our teeth on each birthday. Another year becomes synonymous with skin, hair, health problems. 

But the fear that growing old affects our worthiness as a person is incorrect. Everybody changes throughout their lives. During our lifetime, we welcome puberty proudly as it is the sign we are no longer children. We approach our 20s and 30s with a knowing smile when we finally lose our baby cheeks and start looking more grown-up. 

Yet, we fear the grays and the wrinkles. What shame is there to show a healthy figure as you reach the silver years? There is no shame. But there is one significant issue: Some lifestyle choices can bring premature signs of aging. Indeed, most people are happy to celebrate another revolution of the sun. The only problem we've got about age is when it starts showing too much and far too early. So, here are the mistakes you must avoid to make peace with your numerical age and ensure you can continue looking and feeling your best. 

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The wrong haircare

As tempting as it is to pull out any gray and white hair you spot, it's never the right answer. Can you color your hair safely? The answer is yes, but it's best to work with a professional. If you have a long history of bleaching your hair, the process might have damaged your hair structure in many ways:

  • Increased porosity

  • Unnatural loss of strength in the hair

  • Bleach elasticity hair

  • Lack of texture

  • Hair dye rapidly turn brassy or dull

Healthy hair is your best ally at any age, and you can't hide hair damage with hair dye or bleach. So, it might be a good idea to step away from damaging hair products and style and embrace your grays and white with the best shampoo for gray hair: 9 picks for 2022. Nourishing shampoos can help regain texture and structure, bringing back your hair to health. 

Hormonal or lifestyle-related weight gain

As you grow older, your metabolism slows down. It essentially means that your body burns less energy and requires fewer calories. If you don't adjust your eating habits accordingly, you might find yourself putting on weight. Additionally, for women, menopause is also an unpleasant period that leads to hormonal imbalance, which often impacts your weight. Unfortunately, standard weight loss methods may not work effectively in older age as your metabolism responds differently. So to avoid a plateau, you need to focus on lifestyle improvements. Small adjustments, such as introducing regular physical activities, can help burn more energy and transform your body. High-intensity interval training combined with mindful eating can be highly effective in targeting weight. 

Additionally, you can improve your metabolism to increase the rate at which your body burns calories. Metabolism improvements also support your overall health. For instance, it can be a good idea to introduce strength training, as muscle loss can occur in old age. Therefore, protecting your body against age-related weakness can help maintain your youthful silhouette and your weight. 

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Loss of skin firmness and elasticity

Collagen makes up approximately 70% of your skin in young age. As you grow older, the body's ability to produce collagen breaks down and slows down, which causes your skin to thin. 

However, you can protect your skin against collagen loss and premature aging. Your diet can be instrumental in boosting collagen production. Indeed, the skin requires plenty of vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids. Additionally, fermented foods are rich in nutrients that help the collagen factory. In comparison, sugar, caffeine, and alcohol can have adverse effects. 

The skin requires constant protection from the sun. Even if it isn't the middle of summer, UVA rays can still harm collagen production. So make it a habit to wear sunscreen protection at all times. 

Finally, stress, sleep deprivation, and exposure to pollution and harsh climates can also be detrimental to collagen production. However, you can boost your skin's natural defenses with red light treatment, antioxidants, and specialist skincare products. 

Age is not just a number. Age is a delicate process. If you want to enjoy every stage of the process, you need to make sure you are giving your body the best chance to maintain its youthfulness. 

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