Thursday, March 3, 2022

3 Fun Pool Activities for Your Family


When the hot weather makes you wish for something fun to do that cools you off, your first thought may be to jump in the pool and start swimming. Learning about the variety of fun water activities you can do with your children and family can help you never run out of ways to enjoy the pool.

1. Use Pool Noodles

Long pool noodles that you can place on top of the water can help you craft fun games where children can race each other. Making racing lanes and timing the laps around the pool can give children a way to burn off excess energy and exercise at the same time. These flexible pool toys are a great low-cost way to get kids engaged and swimming.

2. Toss a Beach Ball Around

A bit of friendly competition may interest children who are bored of just sitting around. If you get a plastic beach ball or two, you can create a game where you try to keep the ball above water by bouncing it from person to person.

If you need pool repair St Louis MO before beginning to play, make sure to schedule it in advance so you and your family and friends can still enjoy a fun day outside.

3. Swim Through a Hoop

Teaching your children to float can be fun, and it can be even more fun if you involve a hula hoop in the activity as well. If your children crave a challenge to test out their diving and swimming skills, you can hold a hula hoop in the water and watch them swim through.

This can teach coordination in the water and help children to learn how to hold their breath as well. A sunny day outside holds plenty of opportunities for fun times in the pool for all ages.

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