Tuesday, February 15, 2022

How Music Affects People


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Most people enjoy music to some degree. A person doesn't have to play an instrument to know how impactful music can be. In a traditional sense, music has always been recognized as a form of entertainment, but its place in society has transcended this classification. This post will go over some of the roles music has in people's lives.


Many people see music as a sort of battery supply. Life can become dull or exhausting at times, and people need the motivation to persevere. This is where energetic, uplifting music can be very helpful. Playing fun music at a bar or party is a great way to keep people engaged. Loud music with a tight rhythm is good for the gym atmosphere so working out doesn't feel like as much of a chore. Music also comes into use when a person wants to prepare for an upcoming challenge.


Not all music is meant to be happy or uplifting. Philosophers and psychologists have often wondered why sad, angry, or frightening music would be appealing to some people. Much of the appeal is likely connected to the fact that life has many up and downs, and when people are down, they want to listen to something that reflects their feelings. This is why many people go out of their way to listen to morose musical passages or grunting over dissonant chords.


Even those who take music very seriously know that lightheartedness comes with the craft. Some musicians may break the fourth wall in their lyrics or make fun of themselves intermittently. Others emphasize humorous elements throughout most of their arrangements. Comedy music is becoming more popular in the internet age with the plethora of memes people find on social media. Artists are also coming up with creative ways to incorporate themselves into quirky stories: Starbomb's Dan Avidan, for example, takes on the role of a superhero who uses his vocal talents to promote peace within the galactic universe.


Some people view music as a distraction when they need to get things done. This can definitely be the case sometimes, especially when the wrong type of music is being played or when the person just wants silence. However, there are many styles of music that can help people study or get menial tasks done. Many forms of classical, new age, and lo-fi hip hop can help create an atmosphere for concentration.


Last but not least, music helps people bring attention to large social concerns. When individuals from certain walks of life feel like they're underrepresented in public discourse, music is a great way for them to represent themselves. A songwriter could emphasize a talking point that resonates with a large portion of the community, whether it's through a thought-provoking story or a blatant complaint about injustice. Even instrumental music can convey the spirit of rebellion when used a certain way.

Music has always served multiple purposes. Styles and preferences change over time, but music's effect on people stays intact.

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