Wednesday, December 15, 2021

How to Design a Bedroom That Will Grow with Your Child


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As your child grows, his or her bedroom should mature as well. This can be tricky as kids grow quickly and their tastes are constantly evolving. Fortunately, a little forethought goes a long way in creating a bedroom that will suit your child for years.

Ageless Design

The first step in creating a long-lasting bedroom is to start with ageless design. Essentially, this means choosing furniture, flooring, and wall color that are appropriate for a variety of life stages. Neutral colors and classic furniture styles are a great starting point.

Although the major elements in the room should be timeless, the space should still be fun and kid-friendly. Give your child freedom in selecting accessories such as bedding, window coverings, and knick-knacks.

Quality Furniture

Choosing high-quality pieces ensures that the furniture serves your child well throughout childhood. Whether you are looking for a bedroom suite or full mattresses in Chicago, choose every item with care.

When mattress shopping, choose the best quality that you can afford. You want the mattress not only to last but also to provide proper support as your child grows. You can add a plush or firm mattress topper to customize the mattress to your child’s preferences.

If you can afford it, choose solid wood or metal furniture rather than wood-finish veneers. You can often find quality furniture at affordable prices at yard sales or second-hand shops. It is perfectly acceptable to mix-and-match furniture styles, and you can always paint everything a matching color if you or your child want a more streamlined look.

Your child’s bedroom is a sanctuary and should be designed with the same care as the other rooms in the home. Mixing classic, high-quality items with fun accessories allows the space to grow with your child and accommodate his or her changing needs and tastes.

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