Wednesday, December 15, 2021

3 Crafts to Try

Image by Candace Hunter from Pixabay 

 Even if you've never considered yourself a very crafty person, you might want to get started on a new hobby, something fun and relaxing that leads to beautiful results. If this describes you, then read on for three creative crafts to try.

Paper Crafting

If you are a new crafter, then your best bet might be to try your hand at paper crafting. You might make anything from greeting cards to scrapbooks, using colorful paper, stickers, photographs, embellishments, and stencils. If a coworker has a birthday coming up, you could design and make a card. If a family member is expecting a new baby, purchase an eight by eight-inch scrapbook, and fill it with colorful, baby-themed papers and embellishments. Your family member will enjoy putting in her own pictures.


There are many different kinds of stitchery you can learn if you're willing to put a little time and effort into this satisfying craft. Start small with some cross stitch Christmas ornaments or a bookmark. If you think embroidery might be more your style, begin with an easy project in bright colors so you can learn the various stitches. You might do a pillow cover, for instance, or a simple wall hanging. Be sure you have all your materials, including your pattern, needles, floss, scissors, and hoop, at hand before you start a stitching project.


If you're up for something a little more challenging, you might take a class in beginning quilting. Your instructor will show you how to choose a pattern and help you gather the supplies you need, including cotton quilting fabrics, threads, measuring, cutting and sewing tools, patterns, and other necessities. You will learn how to read your pattern, prepare, measure, and cut your fabric, piece your fabric and sew your quilt. You will work on a small piece first, but you might decide that you enjoy it enough to make a large quilt.

Whichever craft you decide to try, give it your best shot, and enjoy learning something new.