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How to Help Your Aging Parents without Taking Control


Everyone ages eventually; it’s a part of life. Everyday tasks such as cooking and cleaning can become far more challenging. When this happens usually assistance steps in such as loved ones or professionals. If your parents are struggling to manage basic everyday tasks, then there’s a chance that you’re wanting to get more involved and help them out. 

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to do that! Of course, when helping them out, you don’t want to be overbearing or take on too much control. The role reversal of being cared for to being the caretaker is already very awkward. So how can you help your parents without coming off as condescending or making them feel as if they lost their independence? Look no further, because this post has it all!

Let your parents know that they’re in control of their lives

The last thing you want to do is to make your parents feel helpless. Your parents aren’t helpless, they just need some help. So whenever you’re visiting them, try to work alongside them rather than doing the work for them. If you both are doing grocery shopping, then ensure that both of you are carrying the groceries. Let them carry the lighter groceries while you carry the heavier things. This is a small example, but it does show that they’re in control and you’re just helping out a little.

Of course, you want to create the best retirement for your parents, understandably, you want to help as much as possible. Sometimes, seniors will stop doing tasks because their caregivers and family members will take over. This places a large amount of responsibility on the caretakers, plus it immediately pushes the decline in health for the seniors. Both parties lose in this scenario. So it’s better to just step in and assist rather than trying to do everything. Working together is key as this creates balance.

Accept the fact that your parents may not want help at all

It’s common for aging parents to just flat out refuse any sort of help, whether this is from their children, grandchildren, or medical professionals. There may be plenty of reasons for this. One major fear that many seniors have is getting treated poorly by nursing and caretaking staff. Other fears can even include dealing with the possibility of getting mistreated by loved ones or just losing their sense of independence altogether.

 Whatever the case may be, it’s understandable. Just the thought alone of hiring brilliant wrongful death attorneys can be stressful because you’ll be in a situation that you never imagined facing. Yes, it’s incredibly difficult trying to accept the fact that your parents may not want any help from their own children or medical professionals, but sometimes it needs to be accepted.

Respect boundaries

This ties in with the above paragraph, you should respect what boundaries your parents have in place. You should ask permission rather than take the liberty to do whatever you want. Don’t just assume that you can accompany your parents to their doctor appointments or anything else. Instead, it’s better to ask them. Your parents deserve to have their dignity, and trying to overstep boundaries and baby them is going to be demeaning. The more you insist on helping, the more controlling you’re going to appear. Your parents don’t need their children to parent them. Just ask whether they want assistance or not, if they say no, then respect it.

Talk with your parents about small ways you can help

It’s so important to not become overbearing or try to parent your parents. However, there are ways to ensure that they’ll stay safe at home while also making your life easier. Talk with them about making modifications in their homes. Some small ways to help out your parents that create a major impact can include getting a security system for their home, a built-in camera doorbell, rails in the bathrooms, or even a medical alert system.

There are plenty of senior care products out on the market. A lot of seniors have accidents in their homes such as falling, intruders, and so much more. You can keep your mind at ease by knowing that your aging parents are safe with these types of products. Just try and talk about getting some modifications to their home to make sure that they’re going to be safe, and to let them know that you’ll be far calmer as well with these modifications. They may be a chance of them rejecting the idea, but it never hurts to raise the idea to them. 

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