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#WorldsofFun — the Perfect Family/Fun Day! Find Your Amazing!

So I initially titled this post "Perfect Summer Day" ... but we've been to WinterFest and it was a Perfect Winter Evening. How about The Haunt? That would be a Perfect Autumn Evening! Carnivale? The Perfect Summer Night! We are so fortunate to have Worlds of Fun here in Kansas City, and it's no wonder people come from all over the country in all seasons and in all types of weather to enjoy it!

All photographs you see in this post that are of my family on a ride were taken while others were still loading onto the rides. We did NOT take any photos while a ride was being operated. You are not allowed to do this, and we did not do it!

*I need to start by sharing how great the Worlds of Fun/Oceans of Fun park app is. It stored all of our tickets and passes, including meal and drink passes. It showed wait times of rides and had a map of the park. It also made it quick and easy to get into the park.

*Also something that made this year better was the souvenir refillable bottles. Maybe they've always had these and I just missed it (although for winter we did get the refillable hot chocolate mugs with lids and they are THE BEST!), but they were fantastic! There were refill stations all over the park and toward the end of the day we just wanted to refill with ice water, and we were able to do that with no problems at all!

This was our crew that had a total blast that day, minus one great kid, who was off hunting for a drink bottle. My husband is hiding behind little Eva. These kids just keep getting taller!

Most of the crew rode the Mamba first, but I stayed behind with my Eva to order some lunch for when they got off the ride. My Callie also did not end up riding the Mamba, but I know that someday my girls will be true roller-coaster lovers like their mom. (I used to be so scared to ride these things but now I'll venture onto almost anything!)

Taking a break to tell you a little about Worlds of Fun: Worlds of Fun has been proudly making memories in America’s Heartland since 1973 (yeah, I was 2 years old!). The 235-acre amusement park is located in Kansas City, Missouri and includes onsite accommodations and one of the largest water parks in the Midwest, Oceans of Fun. Families and thrill-seekers alike can travel around the world in just one day as they experience more than 100 rides, water slides, live shows, and seven world-class roller coasters. Worlds of Fun is also known for its immersive seasonal events, including Grand Carnivale, Halloween Haunt, and WinterFest.

Eva and Eva, besties for many years

My husband and I shared a cheeseburger in the single meal deal we had pre-loaded onto our app, and the meal was very tasty. I also have to say the staff at the diner by the Mamba were very professional and helpful, even under all the stress of a full house of people waiting a long time to get through the food line to order. After ordering, the food came quickly!

Some of the teens preferred to hoof it to Panda Express for something different. There is no shortage of great food at Worlds of Fun, so different from when I was growing up! I still remember these sweet potato fries with Brussels sprouts that my whole family enjoyed at WinterFest 2018. I dream of them at night :-)

Callie, Michael, and Aiden getting ready to venture off into the park.

I was in charge of the Evas for a bit and we went on the Nordic Chaser. Yes, I also went on it because I have Swedish heritage ... Leif Erikson and all that.

Eva, Mom (me), and Callie waiting in line for Le TaxiTour

This ride has been around forever and it's still so much fun, any time of year!

Callie chauffeured Aron and me around the track since she's got her learner's permit and is close to getting her driver's license.

We pretended to be scared because that's what parents do.

The Flying Dutchman might have been the most exciting ride my girls went on that day, and all that matters is that they had fun!

The Autobahn (bumper cars) proved to be some wholesome, crazy fun! I love that Worlds of Fun has something for everyone: insane thrill rides all the way to bumper cars and more tame rides. This is why my two oldest boys have season passes: always something to do there and every time is different!

Dad and Eva posing like twins

So this is the point in the program where little Eva took off with Dad to ride the Patriot. That meant my girls and I blasted off to another planet: Planet Snoopy. Yes, folks, it's a good feeling when your 13-year-old and 16-year-old want to hang out with their mom in the "little kid" part of the park ... I can't wait to bring THEIR kids to Worlds of Fun someday!

I rode pretty much everything with them except these nests because they are suspiciously like the teacup ride at Disneyland, which always just about makes me puke.

I also did not ride this one because I got enough of it at WinterFest when we rode it over and over again last time in 2019

My girls

Callie found it hard to say goodbye, but it was closing time 😭

The verdict: We give Worlds of Fun 14 thumbs up 😂 Ready to buy your tickets? Head to and share your experiences online so others know how #MyWOFAMazing it is!

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