Friday, June 11, 2021

Types Of Magnetic Stirrers You Might Need To Know

 When working in a laboratory, you are likely to encounter a 2mag USA magnetic stirrer. The device consists of an electromagnet which the potential of creating a rotating magnetic field. The devices are used by scientists to make stir bars, stirring or mixing solutions, etc. They come in different types, which are readily available in the market. Their difference depends on size, application, and configuration. The following are the types of magnetic stirrers you need to know.

Magnetic mini stirrer

mini magnetic stirrer is a compact-sized stirrer. It occupies a small space, and you can regulate its speed with great precision as there are controls fitted on it. The device is highly resistant to harmful chemicals used in the laboratory. You shouldn't worry about using it with corrosive substances. Additionally, you are guaranteed that the device can’t exceed its maximum speed as it has a speed regulator with it. 

Magnetic stirrer with timer

This is a type of magnetic stirrer that can shut off automatically after the amount of time set. You don't have to be around when it is mixing or stirring substances. You only need to set the exact time you feel fit, and once the time elapses, its motor will shut off immediately. Nevertheless, it is necessary to note that its speed as well reduces automatically. 

Heavy-duty magnetic stirrer

As the name suggests, a heavy-duty magnetic stirrer helps in dealing with large amounts of mixtures. Also, the device is made from greater chemical-resistant and highly durable substances. It has an internal electronic control that is effective in controlling and regulating the high speeds of the device automatically. It is the most preferred magnetic stirrer in laboratories and other production companies. 

Battery-powered magnetic stirrer

This is a magnetic stirrer that doesn't have an electric outlet. They are commonly used in incubators. They have rubber feet, and you can regulate their speed using a speed control knob. They use alkaline batteries, but even rechargeable batteries work just fine for them.

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