Monday, June 21, 2021

Tips for Getting Good Headshots

 Perhaps you’re a model looking forward to building your portfolio, or maybe you simply want to look professional for that new job you’re applying for. Whatever your reasons may be, looking your best in your headshots is something that you should aspire for. 

Here are some helpful tips you can use when getting Denver headshots

Hire a Professional

If you want a professionally made headshot, then you should hire a professional. There’s no room for DIY selfie productions when you want good-quality headshots. Sure, it’s still cheaper to do it yourself, but a good headshot is a solid investment you should make. 

A photographer’s professional eye can help bring out and highlight your best features, so you can have a great shot. Of course, this follows that you should hire a professional with a solid portfolio, which is why you should take a close look at their body of work before deciding to hire them. 

Be Present in the Moment

Understandably, a lot of people tend to be camera shy. The best headshots are the headshots that reflect the personality of the subject, though. You can only achieve this if you shut your mind from nagging thoughts and outside concerns. Be still in the moment, and take in the fact that this is about you. 

Whatever you’re feeling will inevitably reflect on your face, and will shine through your eyes. Think happy thoughts, and happiness will show on your smile. Think negative thoughts, however, and it’s going to reflect in your eyes and body language. 

Apply the Right Makeup 

You want your headshots to look professional, so your makeup should be too. It’s great if you know how to apply your own glam makeup, but otherwise, you might want to consider getting it done by a professional as well. 

That’s because regular, everyday makeup is different from headshot makeup. Photography requires specific lighting, which affects how you look in the photo. Everyday-wear makeup is not suitable for headshot photography because it’s not going to register effectively in the camera. 

If the shoot is outside, you also have to factor in the time of the photoshoot, because this will also affect the lighting. As such, you would also have to adjust your makeup accordingly. Day makeup has a different effect from night makeup, so you would also have to know the differences between the two. 

Even men would need to at least need powder to remove the blotchiness and oil that’s going to reflect on the camera.

While you’re at it, you’d also want to style your hair according to the persona or image you’re going for. Whether it’s business formal or fun casual, find a styling that would not only fit your objective but also highlight your best features and show off your personality. 

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