Thursday, April 15, 2021

Still Got Back Pain? Try These 3 Solutions


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Back pain is, unfortunately, very common among people in this day and age. Most people do not have the healthiest back they can have, particularly if they spend their workday sitting in a chair, or even doing manual labor that can injure them over time. Back pain can be caused by a plethora of different underlying issues, but most commonly, the pain is usually caused by our general lifestyle.

People who experience back pain have often tried multiple avenues of recovery, and sometimes they still come up short of a solution. So how can we find new ways to relieve backache once and for all?

We can’t promise that these solutions will work, but they’re absolutely worth a shot. Here are 3 tried and true solutions for your back pain.

  1. Regular Chiropractor Appointments

If you have back pain, you have probably already visited a chiropractor. If you didn’t get the results you wanted, you might be thinking, “Been there, done that. It didn’t work!” 

However, if you haven’t yet found a solution to your back issues, you should definitely reconsider this option. One appointment with a chiropractor won’t provide the Chiropractic Pain Relief you were searching for - just like one session in the gym won’t give you rippling abs! These things take time and regular attention.

Chiropractors aren’t miracle workers, and any adjustments they make to your back will be temporary if you don’t continue to work with them. If your back has been in one position for some time, it will take an equally long time period to get it out again.

  1. CBD

CBD, an abbreviation of cannabidiol, is a property of the cannabis plant - but unlike its illegal cousin, CBD is a totally safe, legal, non-psychoactive product that can be very effective for pain relief. 

If you have tried traditional creams like Deep Heat, to no avail, why not try CBD cream, or alternatively, self-administer CBD oil on recommendation from a professional. CBD has been said to have incredible pain-relieving effects and is a natural, non-toxic, and gentle alternative to prescription medications that can damage your body over time.

  1. Daily Stretching

Sometimes, throwing money at a problem doesn’t help one bit. Consistency is key to having a healthy, balanced body in every sense, and that includes having a pain-free spine.

Daily stretching, including yoga and pilates poses or just simple body-conditioning stretches, can revolutionize your spinal health. You don’t need an expert to tell you that lengthening your muscles, increasing flexibility, and increasing strength through stretches and gentle exercise can make a world of difference to your back.

If you have never stretched and are unsure how to do so safely, you can follow tutorials online that help you to learn the best stretches for a sore back.

Final Thoughts

If you struggle with back pain on a regular basis, try these three tried and true methods of relieving your pain and having a healthier back once and for all! You’ll sleep better, move more easily, and preserve your back’s health for later in life.

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