Thursday, February 4, 2021

A 4-Point Safety Checklist for your New Home

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There are plenty of good reasons for moving home, whether because you need more space for a growing family or you need to move to be closer to work, school, or your family. But moving is not as simple as shipping your life from one house to another. You should also remember the safety aspects. Even the safest cities, towns, and neighborhoods have the risk of crime if you're not careful. So, if you’ve just moved into a new property, here is a four-point safety checklist to help you settle in comfortably.

Change The Locks
Few people understand why changing the locks is so important when moving into a new home, and as a result, they often don’t even think about doing it. But remember that someone lived here before you (unless it’s a new build), and so that could come with some baggage. You never know the arrangement they had with friends or family, and the last thing you want is a stranger walking through the door because the previous owners didn’t tell them they were leaving. Sure, this sounds unlikely, but it’s always worth being extra cautious for your family’s benefit.

Security Systems
Installing security systems can feel a little melodramatic. But, it’s always better to have these systems in place and not need them, rather than need them but not have them. When securing your home, you can look at AV By Design for security cameras, whereas burglar alarms and outdoor lighting will also give your home extra safety layers. At the very least, it will deter thieves from trying to get into your home, keeping your things and family safe and sound.

Eliminate Hiding Places
Depending on where you live, there might be numerous hiding places around your home and the surrounding area that thieves could look to exploit. This could be a side path down to your garden, overgrown hedges or trees, or long-ignored sheds at the back of the yard. Not to alarm you, but thieves could use these areas to stay out of sight and then strike when you leave your home. If you take the time to eliminate possible hiding places by cutting the branches back, clearing space, or making the area inaccessible, you drastically increase your home’s safety.

Automate Your Home
Home automation is one of the most popular safety ideas for the modern world, especially when you’re out for the evening or go on vacation. By automating your home, you can mimic the appearance that someone is there, which will quickly deter anyone from trying to break in. You can set up lights to switch on and off throughout the day, while smart home tech helps you check-in on your property should your system flag suspicious activity.

Home Safety
Feeling safe at home is crucial for settling into your new house properly. It gives you confidence that your possessions are secure, and it puts the rest of your family at ease when they go to sleep or are out of the house. Even if you’re sure there won’t be any problems, it’s always better to be on the safe side, so a few safety measures here and there are always worth it.

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