Tuesday, November 19, 2019

7 Good Reasons To Consider Moving Home

Moving home can be stressful and costly. However, it could be just what is needed to improve your quality of life in the long run. Here are seven good reasons to consider moving home.
You’ve ran out of space
It’s possible that you may be running out of space in your home. Perhaps your family are growing – you may have had kids or an elderly relative may have moved in with you. Or perhaps you’ve got too many possessions to fit into your home and you don’t want to part with any of them.
Upsizing to a bigger home could be the solution giving you the extra space you need. You do however need to understand that a bigger home could be more expensive (unless you’re able to move to a cheaper area).
Moving home may not always be the answer if you are running out of space. Other solutions that can allow you to stay put include:
·         Building an extension
·         Converting an unused loft, garage or basement into an extra bedroom
·         Decluttering
Your home is too big
On the opposite end of the spectrum, a home that is too big could also be a valid reason to move. If the kids have moved out, you may have lots of empty rooms that could leave your home lacking the cosiness it once had. If you’re getting older and have mobility issues, you may even find that a big home results in too much physical work to get around and maintain.
Downsizing could mean having to part with a lot of possessions. However, a smaller home could feel cosier and be less work to maintain and get around. It could also have the joint benefit of being cheaper to run and if you are currently a homeowner, downsizing could even potentially offer you some leftover equity to spend on other things such as retirement or travelling or business plans.
You can’t afford the bills
Moving could also be necessary if you can’t afford the bills. If you’re renting, the rent possibly be too high causing you struggle from month to month. Alternatively, energy bills could be too high if the property isn’t insulated enough. You could even be struggling to pay for repairs if you own an old property that is seemingly falling apart.
You may be able to move somewhere with cheaper rent simply by downsizing or moving somewhere less popular and urban. Moving to a modern home from an older home meanwhile could cut energy costs and repair bills. Of course, you need to be certain that you can afford the move itself.
There could be ways to stay put and reduce your bills, so look into these first if you otherwise have no reason for moving. For example, if you’re paying high energy bills, you may be able to invest in insulation rather than having to move to a more energy-efficient home.
You can afford somewhere bigger and better
If your income has increased while living at your current property, it’s possible that you may be able to afford somewhere bigger and better. This could allow you to buy a home with more luxury features or a home in a better location.
Many people are attracted to this idea of climbing the property ladder. Just make sure that you’ve considered other ways to spend this extra disposable income first. You may be able to pay to renovate you home and make it grander or you may be able to focus on paying off your mortgage faster so that you have even more disposable income in the future to put towards an even bigger and better house.
You don’t like the location
Another reason to move could be that you don’t like the location of your current home. You may not like your neighbours or you may not like the area in general.
For instance, where you currently live could have bad weather. Maybe it’s too hot and you’d prefer to live somewhere cooler. This is a good reason to move, however you should be certain that you won’t find any new location too cold. Moving in the winter could give you an idea of just how cold your new location can get. You may then be able to make a better judgement of whether it’s worth moving for the weather.
Other reasons you may not like a location could include a high crime rate, a lack of job opportunities, a lack of decent schools, threat of natural disasters, noisy neighbours, too much pollution, lack of scenery or perhaps a lack of family/friendship ties (or possibly a bad ex or toxic family members that you want to get away from).
You need somewhere more family/pet friendly
If you’re thinking of having kids or a pet, you may decide to move in order to find somewhere more child-friendly or pet-friendly. A city apartment may not offer the outdoor space that you need or it may have hazardous balconies.
It’s possible that you may be able to renovate a current home to make it more family-friendly/pet-friendly. Stair-gates and cupboard locks for instance are small improvements that you can make to any home without the need to relocate.
Your home has issues with pests/mold/ghosts that you cannot solve
There could be other ongoing issues that you’ve tried to solve but can’t seem to fully eradicate. Recurring problems with pests like mice or cockroaches could be irritating – especially if you’re scared of them. Mold meanwhile could be dangerous if it keeps appearing and you can’t seem to keep it at bay. You could even be convinced that your home is haunted – perhaps you’ve ever called up paranormal investigators and found no end to the bumps in the night.
Whatever the case, these recurring issues are certainly valid enough for you to consider moving. Just make sure that you have definitely tried solutions and aren’t moving away from an issue that is in fact an easy fix.