Monday, January 18, 2021

The Art of Co-Parenting During or After a Separation


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It's easy to say that divorce is something that can make us feel like, as parents and as partners, we are a failure. But when it comes to making sure that you prepare for your children's future, you must remember that the art of co-parenting is about working together with your ex. If you have come to the decision of sharing the parenting of your children after a split there are some essential rules to make the arrangement easier for everybody. Let's show you some of the best approaches.

Speaking Positively About Your Ex

Something that we can all feel tempted to do, especially after they've hurt our feelings and our souls, is bad mouth them. But even if you think that your ex is someone who is more than keen to smear your reputation, you might be quite surprised as to how reserved they can be throughout the divorce process. Even if you consult divorce lawyers for men, throughout the process, you might be quite surprised as to how reserved and accommodating they are. And it's important that you both learn the fine art of keeping a lid on those visceral emotions. Not just for the sake of the divorce process, but what you say about your ex is something that your child will react to. They can also think this about themselves. And, the most important thing to remember when it comes to co-parenting is that your child still loves them as a parent. You bad mouthing them is going to be a dagger to your child's heart.

Keep the Rules in Both Households Consistent

For the sake of your children, they need structure and routine. Everything needs to be the same in both homes. It's about making sure that you both, as the child's parents, run a tight ship. This will make sure that you create a sense of security for the children. Wherever your child goes, and whenever they are, they will know that rules will be enforced. By operating in this respect, the children won't feel so insecure, which will result in a greater sense of well-being.

The Importance of Open Dialogue With Your Ex

Many marriages and relationships break down due to a lack of communication. By creating an open dialogue with your ex and keeping each other informed, it will make the relationship work. It can be emotionally painful, but making sure that you are both informed about the changes in your life or challenging circumstances will ensure that your child is never the key source of information. This is vital because if you ask your child what is going on in the other person's life, it is second-hand information, and it also results in putting your child in the middle. This is something that you will never, ever want to do.

As painful as it can be, you can make it work. The art of co-parenting during any separation is very much a fine one. It is not easy, but it is achievable. 

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