Monday, December 28, 2020

Home Invaders to Avoid This Winter


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If you think you can let your guard down now it's winter then think again. Home invaders such as ants, rats, and spiders don't only infest your home in the summer months. In some ways it's more likely they will be a problem in the winter months because of the cold. Many critters like to seek shelter in your basement or loft. See below for the creatures you should look out for this winter. 

Winged Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants live in colonies with a queen ant and lots of workers. Some of those worker ants have wings and help to build the nest by collecting soft rotting wood. It's normal to see some flying ants in summer, but in winter it's a problem. 

If you see flying ants in winter it indicates there is a nest in your home somewhere and the workers are collecting material for it. To find the nest, follow the ants. They are most active in the morning and evening; then contact a professional service like oh pest removal.

Cluster Fly

What's a cluster fly when it's at home – perhaps your home? They're more common than you might think. Cluster flies are the common flies that walk on the fruit in your fruit bowl and buzz at the window in the summer. But they shouldn't be there in winter. 

If you notice you have cluster flies in your home during winter it indicates there is a nest somewhere. There's no other way they could get inside and survive the cold weather. If you have a nest the only thing to do is locate it and destroy it using an extermination service. 


Some people love mice, other people hate them. They can be cute and adorable when on television, but when you find them in your home, especially in winter, it might mean you have some live-in neighbours. 

In the colder months mice seek out warm spaces to survive and breed until the spring comes. Unfortunately, your sheltered basement, cupboards, or loft, make the ideal location for a winter hideaway. If you think you have mice, contact a professional. 


Few people enjoy the company of rats, unless it's a cherished pet that's clean and friendly. Wild rats have a tendency to spread disease, eat your food, leave droppings, and exponentially breed in your basement or loft. 

Like mice, rats seek out warm spaces in the winter and your residency ticks all the boxes. You might hear scratching in the walls or find traces of rat litter. Since these critters are especially unhygienic you should contact a professional right away. 


Spiders are not as scary or harmful as they seem in movies, although some do have venomous bites and stings. There are 35,000 different species in the US alone and many of them need a warm dry place to spend the winter.

Lucky for you, your home is the ideal place for spiders to 'hang' out. They love tiny dry spaces where they can spin their webs and sit happily while it's cold outside. They are however, somewhat unhygienic and you may need a profession to take action if you have too many.