Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Get Prepared For Your Baby Shower


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The arrival of a baby into the world is always a reason for happiness and joy in all cultures, although there are a diversity of celebrations, traditions, and rituals to celebrate the birth of a new being. Often, women have baby showers to celebrate their little one’s arrival into the world and this comes with plenty of excitement. From design to cuisine, there is plenty to think about.

It may seem to us that it is a relatively recent custom, but the truth is that it already existed in ancient times: it was how the pregnant woman received advice and wisdom from the most expert mothers in the community.

  • It is known that the women of the Egyptian, Roman and Greek empires already celebrated the arrival of a baby by offering gifts to the mother. It was a family meeting that took place after the birth since then there was a lot of mortality in pregnancy and childbirth.

As then everything that had to do with the care of children was the responsibility of the mothers, in these meetings only women met, a tradition that has survived until today, although it is also true that more and more men are joining the baby shower.

The place of the celebration

Everything will depend on the budget. You can do it in a big way, in a luxury hotel like the Duchess of Sussex (something unlikely), opt for a reservation in a more familiar restaurant, or even do it at home if there are few guests. In fact, in the United States, it is very common for each guest to bring a dish prepared by him ('potluck' parties), so you can also opt for this alternative. The important thing is to show your friends that you want to share your happiness with them because they are very special. And for that, no great waste is needed.


The most traditional thing is to set up a buffet table and have everyone serve what they want. It does not need to include an array of five star dishes, far from it. What the baby shower should have is a sweet table that has jelly beans, cupcakes and a special cake with the baby's name if it is already known. Sweet and light! You can do it yourself or order it from specialized sites. There are plenty of cute things available! And of course, do not forget the drinks to toast the next member of the family and that it has to include some non-alcoholic options for the future mother.


Of course, they are not mandatory, although they are still a tradition. Of course, whoever organizes the party can promote 'a wish list', with gifts that they desire. You may want to do something a little more special though, such as giving them a session to create newborn photos with a professional. Perhaps look at creating them something yourself if you’re crafty or creative - a special song, a poem to the frame. The opportunities are endless. 

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