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Spirituality: 5 Common Hindrances to Spiritual Growth

 Growing spiritually is often a hard task for many people. It doesn’t just happen overnight; for beginners, growing spiritually is not just being righteous or being able to memorize the entire Bible question and answers.  Instead, spiritual growth is growing nearer to God and becoming more mature in accepting God and yourself.

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Why Do People Stop Growing Spiritually?

We really need to put aside the entire burden that is hindering us in running the spiritual battle. But, how can a person grow spiritually, how can they identify the hindrances to their spiritual growth? Many things in a person’s life can deter them from growing spiritually as a Christian.

Unspiritual company

When your company is made up of graceless people, you fail to grow spiritually. This is the case, especially if you live close to them or have not confronted or even tried to instruct them. The company of such people only disperses their poison and taints and turns your soul carnal. PSALM 1 Says that prosperous people do not involve themselves with the destructive, wicked, or controlling people; instead, they delight in God’s liberating word.’

Desire and distractions

Your desires have a significant impact on your spiritual growth. The world that we live in is full of distractions that can highly influence our spiritual growth. Matthew 13:1-23 (The parable of the sower), we learn that God’s truth fails to take root and cultivate because the cares of the word and the dishonesty of the wealthy chock out the word that has been seeded. To conquer this battle, you must keep reminding yourself that this world is not your home, but you must be truthful to pray for those who are confused by the world.

Neglecting silent prayers

Lack of direction and sensitivity in your life is usually due to the lack of an effective prayer life. Prayer is two-way communication with the Almighty Father; it is not one way.  Praying is not just a chance to talk to God; it is also an opportunity for Him to talk to us.  By spending more time praying to God, you become more spiritually closer to Him.

The fear of change

Have you ever got that wish to do something but never did it? The truth is that it can be very difficult to step out of your comfort zone. However, God calls us to combat our fears and do wonderful things. Fear is just going to deter your spiritual growth until you overcome it. Start by making some small changes, step by step.

Dangerous satisfaction

Having a partial vision of what your life will look like in Christ, not believing in God anymore, and saying you are comfortable with how your life is, is very dangerous contentment. Positive satisfaction comes from inside and is the work of the Holy Spirit in your life. It all begins by fixing your eyes and heart in God and acknowledging all that He has done for you. Contentment is silent and is only seen through your activities and not from your words. After realizing that you have a perfect life and a Heavenly Father who cares for you, praise and gratification should follow.


Spiritual growth components can be the most bewildering thing when you try to put them all together. Normally people like to live a life of purpose and meaning. When you achieve all your spiritual goals and overcome all the hindrances to spiritual growth, harmony is put in your life. More so, you get the chance to develop your family’s spiritual side.

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