Friday, November 20, 2020

Overcoming Your Fear of a Medical Procedure


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Not everyone is as comfortable in clinical environments as others. For some, a stay in a hospital bed (despite the misfortune that has led you there), can signify healing, being in safe hands, and perhaps hope for the future. For others, it can seem oppressive, worrying, and tiring. For most people, it’s a mixture of both, at different times.

However, it is also the case that sometimes, this intensive atmosphere is a cause of fear, and that feeling can dissuade you from getting the help you need. For instance, if you need a surgical procedure, it could be that your fear of the operation is preventing you from helping you overcome a condition lowering the quality of your life. This isn’t good for anyone. Of course, sometimes your deterrence may be a consequence of religious belief, but for most, it will be a fear that can be overcome.

So - how can you overcome it? After all, it’s hard to practice the one tried-and-tested method of defeating irrational fear - exposure therapy - through ‘practiced’ surgeries or loitering in hospitals. We’d recommend neither. 

However, you may find that overcoming your fear of a medical procedure is possible. Here’s some food for thought:

Research & Speak To The Experts

It’s important to speak to the experts, even if you’re hoping to undergo minimally invasive procedures, such as minimal spine surgery. Speaking to them about your fears, about whatever questions you may hold, about what it’s like to undergo general anaesthesia, all of this can help you feel more confident and comfortable in the upcoming procedure. They will help you understand that despite the seemingly intrusive aspect of surgery, that simply ‘staying natural’ isn’t a great predictor of health either. Sometimes, a procedure like this can help your future become much, much brighter.

Take Your Time

Unless you’re on a time-specific waiting list, it’s rare that anyone will pressure you into surgery or another other kind of procedure. You have time to mull it over, to think about it, and to feel more comfortable with the idea. If you were told you had to have ankle surgery this afternoon, for instance, many people would feel a bit flustered. If you had a month to think about it, research it and understand its necessity, you can warm to the idea. Don’t overthink, of course, because that can sometimes prevent you from seeing the real positivity in this approach.

Speak To Those Who’ve Had The Procedure

Speak to those who have had the medical procedure in the first place. This can help you avoid feeling as if this is something only you will ever have to experience. You’ll be surprised how medical forums or websites like Reddit offer a diverse range of opinions to help you feel more confident in the aftercare, or perhaps to allay your concerns more readily. If you see people who have had their life improved by the same effort you’re concerned about, odds are you’ll be less likely to continue this all-or-nothing thinking.

With this advice, we hope you can overcome your fear of a medical procedure in the best manner.

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