Friday, November 27, 2020

Feeling Confident And Owning Your Style

 Feeling confident and owning your style isn't something you’re born with. Some people exude confidence, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t work for it. Being confident and un-self-conscious about your style can actually take a lot of self-reflection and work. Are you tired of feeling like the odd one out, or like you have to blend in to be accepted? You’re in the right place! Let’s take a look at what you can do to feel confident and own your style right now:

  1. Book A Therapy Session

If you have some deep-rooted issues and you know it, trying to work through them alone can be exhausting. However, booking a therapy session could be the key to getting rid of those insecurities - or at least understanding them better and giving yourself the power to ignore them. Therapy is powerful, and more people could use it than they realize. 

  1. Figure Out What You Love To Wear 

Wearing clothes you love to wear is key. Don’t wear the clothes you think you should wear. You need to know what truly resonates with you, your personality, and your lifestyle. Look back at pictures and figure out when you felt your best. Figure out when you didn’t like how you looked and why. Try to emulate the moments when you felt like the best version of yourself. 


  1. Have Fun With Accessories

Having fun with accessories can be exciting! However, you may want to look into things like earlobe repair if you can’t wear your favorite pair of earrings anymore. See if you can funk up your outfits by layering different pieces of jewelry. Have fun with different metals, sizes, styles, and more. There are no rules - just look at Iris Apfel! 

  1. Walk Tall

Shoulders back, head high, walk tall. Don’t walk with your eyes to the ground. Not only is this better for your posture, it’ll automatically make you feel more powerful and confident. 

  1. Change The Way You Talk To Yourself 

Pay more attention to the things you say to yourself when looking in a mirror, or the things you say about yourself when speaking to people. Changing your self-talk can be tough, but it’s important if you’re going to change your mindset and feel more confident. Do you talk to and about yourself like a best friend? No? Then start! It’s not silly to do so. You’re the one who has to spend the most time with you forever, so make your mind a nice place to be. 

Fake it until you make it if you feel like it’ll be a while before you have the confidence to own your style. With the tips above, you’ll begin to notice the benefits in no time. Don’t wait to dress well, either. Dress well now. Some people say, ‘I’ll dress well when I’ve lost weight/changed something else about myself’ but there’s no better time than the present to start treating yourself and wearing clothes you love. 

Do you have advice? Leave your ideas below! 

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