Tuesday, November 24, 2020

A Quick Guide to Creating Insta-worthy Decor

 If there’s something most modern homeowners have in common, it’s that they would like to own an Insta-worthy place. Being able to take amazing pictures of your décor might seem like an insignificant benefit of homeownership, but you could actually develop a big Instagram following, and you might even be asked to advertise certain products. Your amazing home could bag you freebies and money if you are consistent! So, if this is something you’re interested in, how can you go about creating Insta-worthy décor? Read on to find out!

Utilize Mixing Patterns

Mixing patterns can be a lot of fun and can help your space to look much more textured. Mixing patterns can seem scary, but it’s actually quite easy when you get the hang of it. Here are some pointers if you’re a first time pattern mixer:

  • Pick 3 patterns to start with. Odd numbers are best.

  • Use 60% of one pattern, 30% of another, and 10% of another. 

  • Use different pattern sizes, for example, thick stripes, small polka dots, and florals. 

  • Pick a monochrome pattern to avoid mixing too many colors in your scheme. 


Incorporate Different Textures and Textiles 

As well as different patterns, make sure you select different textures and textiles. For example, shiny, metallic surfaces like the luxury sinks from places like Allora can look great with granite or marble countertops. You can also mix a variety of materials by getting creative with your throws, rugs, cushions, and other décor elements. 

Avoid Visual Clutter 

Visual clutter just uses up space and looks messy. You can still include accessories without cluttering up your space too much, but you need to be smart. Make the most of pieces of different heights. Remember, leaving some breathing room is always a good idea. 

Let In Natural Light

Natural light always looks better in pictures, and it’s a great mood booster! 

Get Green Fingered

Add plenty of leafy plants for both texture and air purifying benefits. You’ve probably spotted many décor Instagram profiles with an abundance of leafy plants. They always look good in pictures, and it’s easy to start small and then work your way up to being a full on plant-parent. There are no limits to the amount of plants you can have as long as you can look after them!

Make The Most of Your Vertical Space

Shelving is a good way to make the most of your vertical space. You can get really creative with the things you display on your walls. Books, smaller plants, and little trinkets often look great, and you can play around until you find an arrangement you really like. 

Mix and Match Your Furniture Sets 

You don’t need to buy matching furniture. You can select the same color pieces from different sets and get creative. 

Have Fun With A Gallery Wall

Gallery walls allow you to show off pictures and artwork you love, alongside quotes and even family images. Use different frames and sizes and just have fun with it! 

How will you create your Insta-worthy décor?