Monday, October 26, 2020

Is Your Home Fit For Your Brood?

 When we are young and childless, we dream of having a show home-style property, complete with sleek lines, minimalist d├ęcor, ultra modern appliances, and living spaces that are large, clean, and tidy. Welcome the patter of some tiny feet, fast forward a few years, and your home is more often looking like a chaotic environment rather than an interior of peace and tranquility. It can be challenging to find a balance between crafting a home that you adore and a home that is conducive to family living. Take a look at how you can make your humble abode a more pleasing environment for you and your offspring.

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The kitchen will be the hub of your home. It is here that you rustle up the family feasts, enjoy watching the kids do some drawing on the dining table, and chat with pals over coffee. It is a room that has more than just one function. Rather than creating a chaotic and busy kitchen, you need to consider how you can keep it family-friendly without the mess. This is where storage solutions come in handy. If you have the space, check out the larger and deeper kitchen cabinets that you can purchase. These don’t have to be solely for pots and pans. Instead, utilize these for your kids’ coloring books, toys, and snacks.

By zoning off your room, you can have a child-specific area where your little darlings can play and relax. Consider placing an ottoman footstool in the corner of the room alongside a toy box. By keeping your children’s ‘stuff’ out of sight, your room will immediately look less cluttered and busy, giving it a more sophisticated look.

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If you don’t have a playroom, have you ever considered making space for one? This may mean putting your hands into your pocket and building an extension. Adding square footage to your humble abode will add value and creating a space dedicated to your little ones’ toys and paraphernalia will prevent these items from clogging up the rest of your home. This playroom could look best backing onto your rear garden. This can bring the outdoors in, and make the garden an extra play area for your little darlings. 

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The Garden

Your garden has the power to be an incredible educational and play setting for your children. While you might still want the al fresco dining area and the more adult English country garden setting, you can still create some child-friendly zones. Have a patch of lawn where your kids can kick a ball around, run, and enjoy playing some active games. Have a vegetable plot and enjoy sowing seeds and creating a living edible kitchen. You can help your children learn about where their food comes from and get them engaged with the great outdoors rather than having to try and tear them away from video games and TV screens. 

Crafting the perfect home for kids and adults alike can be a challenge. However, follow this guide, and your home will be fit for your entire household.

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