Thursday, October 8, 2020

5 Reasons To Hire a Wedding Band For Your Reception


Weddings are supposed to be unforgettable events and a Connecticut wedding band truly takes these shindigs to the next level. There is no shortage of questions before the band is hired, though. How much are they going to cost? Should I hire a Connecticut wedding band or go with a DJ instead?

When it is all said and done, you are going to want a wedding band. A DJ may be a bit less expensive but the experience is simply not the same. Live music is always the way to go, especially on a day as special as this one. Your friends and loved ones are sure to have a great time, while you and your special someone create lifelong memories.

1. Greater Level of Excitement

There are pros and cons to hiring a wedding band, like any other decision you are going to make about the big day. The same goes for a DJ. The level of excitement that a live band has to offer cannot be matched, though. A good party has certain electricity to it that you aren’t quite able to explain. DJs who play the same old boring songs that you have heard at every wedding just aren’t able to supply that oomph that the best weddings always have.

2. A More Memorable Time For Your Guests

If you have ever been to a wedding before, you probably don’t remember all that much of the ceremony. That tends to fly right by. It’s the entertainment that we tend to remember in these instances. With a top tier wedding band, you are more likely to have a ceremony that is memorable to everyone….not just the bride and groom. After all, what couple wants to be remembered for throwing mediocre parties?

3. An Extensive Playlist

There’s a common fear with wedding planning that goes unaddressed. People tend to opt for a DJ because of a false belief that they are going to have a more extensive playlist on hand. In reality, the opposite is true. A wedding band also opens up a whole new world of possibilities because of the customization possibilities. The DJ can only play the songs that they have access to.

4. Dance Fever!

A wedding band has been to more weddings than you can count. It’s second nature to them at this point. That experience comes a certain level of knowledge. Since the wedding band has played hundreds of events just like yours, they already know which songs work the best. More importantly, they know which songs DON’T work. Give your wedding band the keys and enjoy the ride. They won’t let you down.

5. Fun For All Age Groups

In addition to knowing which songs work and do not work, the wedding band can put together a set that is appropriate for all age groups. The best wedding bands are able to cater to all age groups and tastes in a way that other options just can’t duplicate. Even the guests who are less inclined to get up and shake their moneymakers are sure to enjoy the song selection.

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