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2 Ways to Take the Stress Out of Holiday Entertaining


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When the holiday season rolls around, will you be ready? For many, the season is exciting and fun, but it also has the reputation of being stressful and overwhelming. One thing many people have in common over the holidays is entertaining. Filling homes with family and friends for parties or meals is one of the most popular ways of celebrating together. There's something to be said for finding ways to make entertaining easier. If you're interested in doing this, keep reading. Here are two ways you can take the stress out of your holiday entertaining. 

1. Don't Do Everything Yourself

Gone are the days of making everything from scratch, spending hours and hours in the kitchen. While some things certainly deserve to be scratch-made (hello, Grandma's famous pumpkin pie), it's time to free yourself from thinking that's the only way. How much time could you save if you decided that this year, you're calling in the reinforcements? 

Go ahead and plan your next gathering, making sure a call to a catering company San Diego CA is prioritized on your to-do list. Don't be afraid to get creative when planning a menu. If menu planning isn't exactly your forte, don't be shy about asking for guidance or advice. Remember, this is supposed to make your life easier. 

2. Set Limits and Stick to Them

How many times have you been planning a gathering, and before you know it the guest list is three times what you expected, or you blow through your budget before even purchasing everything you need? Take a deep breath and relax, because you can come back from this. The trick lies in realizing your limits and working with them to your advantage.

Keep in mind that your gathering will be as great as you make it.   

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