Friday, September 11, 2020

Make Memories with Your Kids!!!!

 It is a Friday in September. 

Homeschooling during coronavirus is going better than most years and we have a rhythm going and I don't want to interrupt it. Just kidding. We are like 2 weeks in and already a little bit "behind."

It is kinda chilly. Maybe rain is coming.

It isn't my husband's Friday off, so he can't come with us, but it had to be THIS DAY ONLY (you know when your schedule is so full as a parent and there is NO OTHER DAY to do something?).

We already had the budget done and I forgot to put this as a line item (when we go to this place like once a year, we have to eat at a heavenly spot called Burrito King). What if we could not live without something from The General Store or The Nature Center Shop?

I am swamped with proofreading projects.

The Rona is rampant on the college campus, where we are heading to see Julia, who lived with us for five months this year.

My wonderful and talented husband had the big van torn up, working on the timing system, so the 6 of us will cram into the truck and drive an hour each way.

My daughter has a sleepover later today to be dropped off at, so also crammed in the truck with 6 decent-sized people would be a pillow, blanket and suitcase. Oh, and the plans changed as far as drop-off time turning into LATER, so I had to pivot.

It's the time of the Rona, and unexpected things happen, which sometimes make me nervous, but mostly make me surly. I don't like to be surly. For instance, we are going to avoid the Natural History Museum this time because of all the mask stuff (the potential for workers and volunteers to bark at us for having them below our nose or whatever). I'm not getting into a debate about masks with anyone, but just know that I do not want to kill anyone with my germy breath, but we are not pro-mask for various reasons that I will not go into here (although, hey, I do have a pretty good platform for a blog post on that someday). That is all.

I've done this a lot over the years, where I waffled on going somewhere, packing up all the diapers, snacks, juice pouches and sippie cups, keep a trash bag in the car at all times, stop by the side of the highway to nurse a baby or toddler. There were other things we needed to be doing, other things we wanted to be doing, but we did this thing anyway.

You know what? My kids are now 10, 12, 15, 17, and 19, and the things they talk about fondly are some of those very things I had to force myself out of the house to do.

Loading up a bunch of bikes and snacks and sunscreen and waters back at the end of March for eight people and taking two vehicles to drive 30-plus minutes to ride one of the most beautiful trails in the city was a pain. Especially since the entire world had our same idea because there was nowhere else to go but OUTSIDE back in the spring of 2020 so even finding parking at the parks was difficult. But we did it ... twice. And the kids still talk about it fondly. We will probably do it again next year.

So there are a bunch of reasons why I wanted to just cancel today. Just forget it. Let's try another day (although we'd been doing that for a year and it never worked out).

Be we are going anyway. Because there is never a PERFECT DAY. There is today. So just jump. Just go.

Come back for an update on our day!

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