Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Putting Your Academic Foot First


In the past, it was possible to leave school at the age of sixteen and get a job straight away and work your way up the career ladder. However, nowadays this is extremely unlikely and you will find it very rare to come across someone who is able to gain a credible career this way. In this current day and age, it is essential to put your academic foot first and get a university degree.

Of course, there are some careers whereby you can graduate from school - whether a physical school or one of the online high schools - and walk straight into a trainee position. It does really depend on what career you want to have.

However, it is worth considering the current economic climate. Because of the recession, a lot of people have been made redundant and jobs are extremely hard to come by. Therefore, you need to make sure you have something that makes you stand out from other individuals and a university degree is just that. In fact, when it comes to most jobs you will not even be considered for the role if you do not have some sort of further education in your locker. 

A university degree in any field will give you a great platform to further yourself in life and get a great job and obviously consequently earn money. In this day and age it really is the only way to go, so put your academic foot first and better yourself for the future. 

Keeping your options open at university

If you want to further your education but you are not one hundred per cent sure what you want to do in the future this is not necessarily a big problem and it should by no means deter you from applying and going to college or university.

You need to research and think about what you can really see yourself doing, instead of trying to pick a job for the future, you should rule out jobs that you certainly can not see yourself doing. This will eliminate any options that are one hundred per cent not suited to you. Once you have done so you can then take into careful consideration all of the options left.

Obviously the chances are that you will not be left with just one course you want to study because if this was the case you would not have had the problem deciding in the first place. Instead, you will probably have a few potential options. Now what you should do is try to find a course that entails as many aspects of the choices you have picked as possible. For example, if you have decided you like the idea of advertising, but you also like the possibility of managing events, and perhaps even public relations, then the best option for you would probably be a business-related course that allows you to specialise in something later on. This gives you time to think about what you really want whilst acquiring other key skills.

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