Friday, September 25, 2020

4 Health Hacks For Working Out During Pregnancy


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Just because you have a baby brewing in your tummy doesn’t mean you’re ready to stop exercising. Not only have you worked hard to get your body, but you want to remain as healthy as possible during your pregnancy. After hearing all the horror stories, it’s smart to try and stay as comfortable as possible!

Sure, you’re happy to admit there will be a point where you have to wind down - we see you, third trimester - but even then, you can continue to exercise. All you need to remember are the hacks to do it, which are outlined underneath.

Maintain, Don’t Gain

There are plenty of myths surrounding working out while pregnant, and they’re scary. However, pretty much every expert worth their salt is in agreement about one thing - you can maintain your routine in the first trimester. That means, if you used to jog a couple of miles a day, there’s nothing wrong with keeping up with your regime. The trade-off is that you shouldn’t ratchet up the intensity once you find out you’re with child. For example, it’s not healthy to train for a marathon if you’re used to completing a 10k. The same goes for lifting. CrossFit fanatics can lift the same volume, yet you should avoid barbells if you mainly focus on cardio!

Try Pilates

Probably the biggest change when you find out you’re pregnant is to your energy levels. You may not show straight away, but the internal changes will happen very quickly. As a result, it’s hard to find the motivation to work out, which is where a Pilates session comes into play. Firstly, online Pilates classes mean you can do it remotely without putting anybody’s health at risk. Secondly, since it’s a non-impact exercise, it’s ideal for pregnant women to build flexibility, strength, and muscle tone because it trains your core.

Create A Solid Foundation

Your stomach is only going to expand, and it will ruin your posture. You’ll find that there is an ungodly amount of pressure on your back, which is crippling. Something as straightforward as bending over is tough in the third trimester. Thankfully, you can prepare your body from the beginning by building a strong foundation now that you can maintain in the future. Although intense, deadlifting strengthens your back, legs, and glutes through resistance training to ensure your back is ready for the grind when your center of gravity changes.

Use The Talk Test

When your energy levels feel normal, you’ll want to take advantage and there’s nothing wrong with the logic. If anything, it’s encouraged as lots of women miss out on working out in the first trimester due to morning sickness. One thing to keep in mind is the talk test. Holding a conversation while exercising shows that the intensity level is low enough that the heart can pump blood around your and your baby’s body. If you’re out of breath, it’s safer to drop back.

How do you plan on exercising now you have a bun in the oven?!

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