Friday, December 1, 2017

Fertility Tips for Your Husband

There are various reasons why you are having difficulty getting pregnant, and one of them could be your man having a low sperm count. Scottish Researchers discovered that the average sperm count of men has fallen below in recent years, but relating this situation to low birth rates is not clear. Low sperm count in men is caused by various factors such as environmental pollutants, effects of medication, tendency for couples to be older when starting a family, and so on.

Low fertility rate affects 1 in 20 men (5%). But it has been discovered that 20% of men have low sperm count, and about 2-3% produce no sperm at all. Low sperm count has also been discovered to be the cause for 20% of couples experiencing infertility. So how can your man increase his sperm count and fertility? This article will discuss some natural tips that will help improve your man’s fertility and sperm production to enable you to get pregnant faster.

Beware Of Mobile Hot Spots
Does your man keep his phone all day long in his pocket? Does he work late at night with his laptop placed on his lap? Your man’s sperm can be damaged in scary ways such as the creation of abnormal sperm shapes and the alteration of the DNA in sperm. Various research studies are confirming such findings, so do yourself a favor and ask your man to stop carrying his phone in his pocket and keep his laptop off his laps.

Cut down on plastics
Ensure that your man avoids using products containing phthalates or BPA. It has been discovered that these chemicals are disruptors of hormones and can negatively affect the quality of sperm produced by your man. Also, a researcher showed findings that related men with high BPA exposure to lower sperm motility. And some men who had higher concentration of phthalate traces in their urine took longer to impregnate their partners.Although it is difficult to avoid plastics these days entirely, you should avoid plastics with these toxic chemicals completely from your man’s life.

Ensure your man eats nuts
When a man consumes nuts, his sperm quality will be increased. Researchers from UCLA investigated the effect of eating walnuts on over 100 men.  After three months, the semen quality of the men was analyzed and discovered that those who ate at least 2.5 ounces of walnut each day had considerably increased levels of omega-3 fatty acids. It means that they had better sperm mobility, vitality, and less chromosomal abnormalities. Also, it has been discovered that eating any nut ensures the body experience reduced oxidative stress, which in turns increase the production of sperm.

Pop a Few Vitamins
While a man does not have an equivalent of a prenatal vitamin, you should ensure your man makes it a daily habit of taking multivitamins. Researchers from New Zealand discovered that women have increased chances of getting pregnant faster when their partner takes oral supplements. Make sure your man takes supplements containing Folic acid (1 mg), vitamin C (500 mg), vitamin D (1000 IU) and vitamin E (400 IU) daily. These vitamins are essentials because they reduce the production of free radicals and aids the stability and functionality of the sperm-cell membrane.

Ensure your man hits the gym
Not only is hitting the gym a few times a week great for overall health, it can also improve the sperm count of your man. Findings from researchers of the Harvard School of Public Health study showed that men who participated in moderate-to-physical activity for at least 15 hours weekly had about 73 percent higher sperm concentration than men who moved less than five hours in a week. Also, men who watch more than 20 hours of TV per week sitting on a couch had about 44 percent lower sperm concentration than men who didn’t watch anything at all. Ensuring that your man partake in any exercise that breaks sweat is great, adding additional training is even better. Your man’s testosterone level can be increased when he lifts weight, and it can even aid in higher sperm concentration.

Ensure he undergoes a 90-Day Body Cleanse
I’m sure most people don’t know that it takes between 75 and 90 days for the male sperm to form and mature before shooting out. That means your man needs to start detoxifying his body for at least three months before both of you start thinking of making babies. Health and reproductive experts advises that you ensure he reflects on his lifestyle habits. He should be free of anything that could hinder the production of his sperm.The goal is to have a healthy environment from the start. If your man avoids alcohol, smoking or junk food when you are ovulating, it won’t make a lot of difference. But ensuring that he embraces an anti-inflammatory diet and an exercise routine daily leading up to when both of you are prepared to get pregnant will make a huge difference.

Ensure he avoids overheating his Testicles
Another common cause of infertility among men is the exposure of the testicles to high temperature. This can kill the sperm and reduce the amount of sperm produced during ejaculation. Ensure your man wears loose-fitting underwear such as boxers, and he should avoid higher heat in the groin area, for instance, using his laptop on his lap can greatly increase the temperature in the groin area. You should also advise your man to avoid working in a hot environment or being exposed to a lot of heat, make sure he takes a tepid bath for about 30 minutes every night. This will help lower the temperature and increase the production of sperm during ejaculation.

These tips above are things your man can do to increase the sperm count and improve fertility. Using the completely safe, holistic and natural tips found above will ensure that you and your partner will not only overcome infertility but get pregnant faster. It also increases your chances of having a healthy baby.

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