Tuesday, September 8, 2020

3 Wedding Gift Ideas That Will Never Feel Artificial


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Weddings are often symbols of great joy, offering a union and new direction for a family to feel pride in. They can also get quite expensive. Even those focusing on a minimal wedding with little fanfare will no doubt find themselves spending on something to do with the celebration, even if that’s just investing in their own honeymoon for the weekend.

That being said, we can often forget that wedding gifts can be very hard to think up and buy. Not only do we have a million things to take care of, but it’s not always clear just what the bride and groom wish for. It’s becoming the norm for lists and even Amazon wishlists to make an appearance to make it easier for the invited guests, but that can sometimes feel a little artificial. What if you hope to make a real difference with your gift, or put a little more thought into it? You are also offered that opportunity.

With the following advice, we’ll see how this can be the case:

A Beautiful Decorative Item

A beautiful decorative item can serve as a token of your appreciation for the couple, and it can serve as a symbol of their union and love to commemorate the day. Some might opt for an antique or ornament, while others may opt for a fixture that can be used now and help define their life going forward, such as a selection via Murano Chandeliers library. This can help you purchase something that will last some time, while also reminding them of you, and one another, and of their special day. That’s a nice offering to give.

An Experience

Of course, it can be nice to provide an experience for the special couple to enjoy, rather than a possession they must make use of in some way. However, you must be careful about how you gift them this. An experience is not just a gift, but also an obligation, and that in itself might incur further costs. To use an example - if you know the couple are absolutely blown away by theatre shows, you may give them a personal token to purchase any set of broadway tickets (with travel included) you can, redeemable at any time. This can be a great alternative to something physical, as it provides them with a memory they won’t forget.

A Custom Gift

A custom gift can truly be a worthwhile option to curate. For instance, you may decide to have a tailored suit or other dress designed for the cloth anniversary. A custom gift can mean speaking to a craftsman, or a woodworker, for something that can represent your union. When you have something that no one else in the world possesses, even if that comes at cost, you’re even more sure to cherish it. If you have any technical talent yourself, applying this to the creation of such a gift, such as molding a new ring, could be a wonderful idea.

With this advice, we hope you can find a better and more appropriate wedding gift for your spouse.

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