Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Organizational Tip: Buy Lots of Blank Greeting Cards

I have a friend who thinks I am the Most Organized and Prepared Woman on the Planet.

Okay, maybe not on the PLANET, but like in the Midwest, maybe.

I send birthday cards (mostly) on time. I send a graduation card with cash with my kids when they attend parties or I send grad cards in the mail. I send thank you notes. I come to Baptisms and baby parties with card in hand. I mail a sympathy card when someone dies (I'm always crying when I write those, so I do procrastinate).

We have a LOT of events and reasons for cards in this house and it can be hard to keep up with, but it's important to me to recognize milestones and life-changing events.

I stay on top of all of that by always having a stockpile of cards. I keep them in my closet on a shelf so I always know where they are. I end up saving a bunch of money buying in bulk instead of running out for a card for $2 and up last minute. Here are some examples...

50 thank you cards for $11.90-14 (the price fluctuates) comes out to 24-28 cents each with free shipping using Amazon Prime and I always have things to be grateful for, which is nice! I also have plenty for my kids for when they need to send a note of appreciation.

$14 for 36 cards in 6 designs with free shipping using Amazon Prime comes out to 39 cents per card and I'm set for the next few years of graduations! Bonus: I found a neat place called CavePop and they have other fantastic card sets as well!

$10.99 for 36 sympathy cards also using free shipping with Amazon Prime comes out to 31 cents per card. It can be uncomfortable to write a sympathy card, but please consider taking the time to do it! It means so much to someone to receive it and know you're thinking of them.

I also went on eBay and bought a bunch of Baptism cards since we know A LOT of people who are having babies lately!

Finally, I picked up a cool boxed set of 24 different types of American Greetings greeting cards for $12.98 at Sam's Club and they are really cool. The box they come in opens at the top and has organizing tabs so you can find which kind you need. The cards are sturdy and fancy. At 54 cents (plus tax) per card, I'm glad I finally joined Sam's Club!

Everyone loves getting physical mail, so consider grabbing some cards in bulk, getting some stamps, keeping up your address book (or a section in your Home Operations binder ... more on that later) and sending some love!

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