Wednesday, August 12, 2020

5 Alternative Birthday Gifts For Your Husband

 It’s that time of the year again, when you simply can’t decide what to buy your husband for his upcoming birthday - and it’s no secret that buying gifts for men can be quite a task. Do you go for the same old sock gifts or do you make the effort to try something different? Birthday greeting cards on the other hand are so much easier to choose especially the ones of a comical nature. So, why not spice things up this time around but looking at some cool alternative birthday gifts for men like these listed here. 

  1. Get a customized mug

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Customizing a mug with cute quotes, funny puns, or an image of the two of you is an excellent and lovely gift you can give your husband for his birthday. Not only is it a gift that would last for a long time, but you are guaranteed to make his morning every time he uses it. The plus is, these are easy to make, and there are many online stores where you can just create your mug or purchase an already customized one.

  1. Gifts for relaxation

What better way to celebrate a new birthday year than to get comfortable and relax? Get him a pair of comfy slippers, a snuggly beanie, some comfortable sweatpants or pajamas. These are the ideal relaxation must-haves, but if he’s a fan of music, you can get him a fresh pair of headphones or portable speakers. If he’s a movie buff, why don’t you make him feel like James Bond? Get him a classy Pendleton men’s lounge robe, some cool sunglasses, or perhaps a premium cigar from Road Runner Cigars, which he can enjoy on his special day.  

  1. Get him a recipe book

If your husband loves to cook, bake, or grill, get him a recipe book to expand his skills. If he wants to learn, there are recipe books suitable for beginners, and he will be so excited to finally gain some cooking skills. You can try booking him a cooking class like MasterClass, which involves online courses that would help him learn more about cooking and some crafts from the professionals themselves.  

  1. Buy him personalized stationery

Getting him a set of writing instruments is an excellent gift if your husband writes a lot at work, is a novelist or an artist. But, having his name engraved on them makes it even more special. You can also get him personalized notepads, stamps, or envelopes, and envelope openers. If he owns a business, you can take the opportunity to get him business cards.

  1. Create a memory box you can give him on his birthday

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There may have been some keepsakes you have saved in the course of your relationship. Do you have the receipt from your first date? Or perhaps you still have the tickets to a concert you created fun memories at. If yes, then create a memory box with all your keepsakes to make a sentimental gift on his special day. The memory box does not have to be with just memorabilia. You can put handwritten letters of love, encouragement, and kind words too!  

So on his birthday this time around, ditch the old traditions and try one of these five birthday gifts for your husband.

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