Wednesday, July 22, 2020

4 Health Problems That Can Really Impede Your Parenting

The moment your children are born is a decisive and formative moment for you. From the moment
they’re born you change. Quite literally, in fact. Parenthood actually changes your neurochemistry,
making you able to concentrate on your child’s wellbeing with laser focus. As they develop and their
needs change, parents change along with them, a combination of instinct and learning guiding them
to become the strong, nurturing presence that their children need them to be. They learn to show
strength and discipline where it’s needed and love and compassion at all times. And they never, ever
switch off. However, in taking good care of their children, parents must ensure that it doesn’t come
at their own expense. In the same way that parents need to attach their own oxygen masks before
attaching their children's in the event of trouble on a plane, parents need to attend to their own health
and well-being as much as those of their kids. 

If they don’t look after their minds and their bodies, they simply can’t expect to be at the height of
their parenting abilities. And there are some issues that can be seriously detrimental to their parenting.
While parents are among the busiest people on the planet, you’re never too busy to look after yourself.
This includes protecting yourself from...

Exhaustion / burnout

Parents, especially working parents, can find it impossible to take refuge from the inherent stresses
of work and family. Even a long soak in the tub can be hard to find time for. But unless you take some
time for yourself, burning out is inevitable. Burnout will not only make you groggy and miserable, it
will impair your concentration and lead to potentially dangerous mistakes. This is why every parent
(especially if a single parent) needs their own support network. 

Hearing loss

Communication is the key to any successful relationship. Particularly the relationship between a
parent and their child. But when a parent has an issue with their hearing, it can make communication
with their kids more difficult and potentially make them less responsive to their child’s needs. Moreover,
hearing loss can make social gatherings unappealing as they may find it hard to follow conversations
in crowded places. Fortunately, an audiologist can help parents to find the best hearing aids for their
needs and lifestyles. So they can not only enjoy good communications with their kids, they can reduce
the risk of becoming socially withdrawn. 

Anxiety and depression

It’s an unfortunate truth that many of us struggle with mental health. And the inherently stressful lot of
a parent can make those with children prone to depression and anxiety, no matter how much they
adore and are grateful for their kids. Depression can make getting out of bed in the morning seem
like an insurmountable task while anxiety can make something as simple as picking your kids up
from school seem impossible. Here are some practical tips for parents with depression. 


Finally, a bottle of wine on a Friday night may seem like an excellent way to unwind. But when parents
get into the habit of using alcohol to alleviate their stress and anxiety, they can become dependent
upon it. And this can cause all manner of problems for them and their children alike. It’s important to
have people to whom you can turn without judgment if you fear that your relationship with alcohol has
become less than healthy. 

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