Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Why Soundproofing Your Property Can Change Your Life

Noise pollution is frustrating. However, what you may not realize is that exposure to excessive noise can also be deadly. Can decibels kill you? Science says yes. A report on the effect of noise on health by the WHO has found that noise pollution can create serious health complications. The most obvious health issue everybody can think of is insomnia. When the city is too loud at night, you find yourself lying down in bed and being unable to sleep. While you may be able to catch up with the lost sleep over a few nights, when it becomes a recurring occurrence, there is nothing you can do. Insomnia weakens your immune system and can, in the long-term, shorten your life expectancy. Even something as banal as feeling annoyed by loud sounds can impact your heart health, and lead to premature death. Noise can kill you. As such, if you’re going to boost your life, you need to understand how to best soundproof your property. 

Protect your hearing
Hearing health deteriorates with age for most people. Protecting your hearing is an integral part of your social activities. You probably know that you should attend concerts with earplugs to limit the deafening effects of loud music. But what you may not know is that your neighbor’s lawnmower can be just as devastating on your hearing. Indeed, noisy neighbors can, in the long term, damage your hearing if they expose your household to high decibels. Home improvement works, engines, and prolonged exposure to party music can lead to hearing complaints. Soundproofing your property will act as the ultimate protection against decibels intrusion. 

More profitable as a landlord
If you own a rental, you can also add soundproofing and sound monitoring elements. How to manage sounds in your rental? You can find out more, here. But, in essence, you can use a sound monitor to track loud noises in and around the property. This can be useful not only to find out if your tenants are too loud but also to identify potential sources of noise pollution. Loud neighbors, for instance, can be an issue in rented properties. Most landlords refuse to soundproof the place. However, if you can record evidence of noise pollution, you can not only find a soundproofing expert but also refer your neighbors to the authorities. Making your rental more welcoming makes it easier to keep your tenants for longer. 

Create a peaceful environment
Your home is a sanctuary of peace. It is the place where you should feel safe and comfortable. Noise can create a stressful environment. Simple changes, such as replacing your windows with a modern or double-glazing option, can help reduce urban sounds. If you’re going to change your doors and windows with soundproofing in mind, do make sure to research the most efficient design for your interior, both in noise reduction and energy saving. After all, there’s no point in creating a quiet space if it’s freezing cold in winter! A relaxing and soothing home can help reduce stress levels and become a source of inner health. 

Managing your exposure to sounds can transform your life. Sounds affect your mental and physical health, but also your financial health. A place that is exposed to constant loud noises is less profitable for landlords or other property investors. Noise, in short, is an enemy you need to tackle effectively in everyday life.