Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Preparing for Your First Indoor Rock Climbing Adventure

The earth is full of stunning landscapes, so why not view them from new heights? Rock climbing is a popular and exhilarating activity in the Colorado area and in all mountainous regions of the world, and you can learn how to safely and effectively climb in an indoor gym before approaching rocky terrain. Prepare for your first “climb on” with these tips:

Learn the Be-Lay of the Land

OK, the “land” here refers to exploring indoor rock climbing Denver from the comfort of the gym. Before you start climbing, you will learn how to safely belay a climbing partner, and your partner will learn to secure you on the rope as you ascend.

A climbing facility is surrounded by various walls and routes for climbers to tackle; these typically include high walls for top rope (the typical “climb up and reach the top” activity) and lead climbing (more advanced, clipping in your own rope as you climb), and walls for bouldering, which may not require a harness or safety rope. Bouldering incorporates a certain route outlined to challenge the technique of the climber, scaling shorter formations up to 6 meters high, with safety mats below to cushion any falls.

Grip Some Gear

A climbing gym typically has rentable equipment available for your use. Indoor shoes should feel snug on your feet with no socks on, so you may have to ask for a lower size than your normal shoe. The tight fit with no extra room at the tip of your toes can help you grip the footholds with all sides of your feet, or “edging.” Adjust your safety harness (or ask for help from an employee) so it fits your waist, hips, and legs properly. You can also ask for a chalk bag, which can connect to your harness, so you can apply the dust to your palms to reduce the chance of a sweaty slip of your grip!

Elevate Your Fitness

Great climbers must possess strength, endurance, and flexibility to be able to effectively scale steep, challenging mountains and walls. You can prepare for a successful first wall-scaling experience by trying exercises recommended for rock climbing. Mental clarity is also vital, as you need to think through difficult holds and bouldering sequences and concentrate on engaging the right muscle groups. Successful indoor rock climbing is a perfect mixture of technique and athletic ability.
Now that you have taken steps to prepare for your climbing experience, you can visit your local facility to practice, practice, practice! Soon enough, you will be ready to ascend the great rock formations around Denver and beyond. Whether indoors or out in the nature, get ready for an adventure that truly rocks!

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