Sunday, May 3, 2020

No One Saw These Coronavirus Impacts Coming

When the coronavirus first emerged as a threat, the concern was clear. People were worried that the virus was spreading rapidly and could easily pass from one person to the next. This is why social distancing measures were quickly brought in and that included advising or in some cases ordering people to stay at home. However, this has caused some other worrying issues to develop that you do need to watch out for as a parent. 

Rise in Mental Health Issues 

Coronavirus has not just impacted people being able to get their daily dose of physical activity, but it has also caused a rise in the number of mental health issues across the globe. It’s easy to see that some people in lockdown are struggling more than others, and it’s having an adverse impact on their mental health. Being cut off from friends and family can be challenging, and for those people already suffering from mental illness, it could trigger a worse reaction. However, even if you weren’t struggling before, the impacts of the virus are being felt far and wide. Feelings of loneliness and hopelessness are common at this time, triggering mental health issues.

Increase in Cases of Violence 

It’s understandable that people are feeling more stressed being stuck at home. We are used to being free to go outside when we want, going to the cinema or heading to a restaurant. We’re comfortable with seeing our friends, perhaps more than we see our family. The pandemic has changed this. It has left people stuck inside four walls and perhaps this has caused tension to build because research suggests there are more cases of violence at home. As the lockdown begins to lift, it will be necessary to assess some worrying behavior you might have noticed in your partner. Some people may even need to get in touch with a child custody attorney and take measures to protect their children. 

An Economy on the Edge of Collapse 

The economy is not as stable as it was pre-virus, but nobody knew just how bad it was going to get. We are now on the edge seeing as people are not getting much of an income, those who are risking their own safety every day, and they're just isn’t enough money to be spent in the way that it usually is. People don’t want to head out to stores for essentials such as food, so spending on things that are not essential is out of the question for most.

Other Health Issues Overlooked 

Finally, both the UK and the US saw a startling level of reduction in ER visits. Why did this happen? Quite simply people were terrified of contracting the virus by visiting a hospital. This leads to high numbers of people trying to deal with serious health issues at home. With the potential of a second wave still a worrying concern, it’s important that if you do notice problems with your health you get treatment and advice as quickly as possible. 

These impacts were ones that nobody saw coming, and yet they have become a reality, so hopefully now you understand them a little better than when you clicked on this article.

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