Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Which Diamonds Look the Biggest on Wedding Rings?

Wedding rings are often just simple gold, silver, or platinum bands. Both the men and the women’s bands are similar. You can add a few details, such as etchings or even tiny stones to make it more unique.

The addition of diamonds on wedding rings has been popular for the last few years. Diamonds are often added on the women’s ring to complement their diamond engagement rings.

Although the diamonds are often small on a wedding ring, some would want to have bigger diamonds even on their wedding rings. If you are like that, you can choose a particular cut to give the illusion of a bigger diamond.

Choosing the Right Cut

It’s better to choose the right cut to give the illusion than actually making the diamond bigger.

Specific cuts are more expensive than other cuts, but adding another carat to your diamond will make it pricier. If you're on a strict budget, you might end up in trouble for splurging on the ring.

With that, here are some of the best cuts you can choose that look bigger on wedding rings:

Round Cut

The round cut is famous for a lot of reasons. It offers the most brilliance and makes the diamond look bigger than it actually is. Round diamonds are also the sign of class, luxury, and is a timeless look.

It’s the perfect cut for a wedding ring as it can complement the simplicity of the band.

Oval Cut

If you’re not that much of a fan of round cut and would love something a little more modern and uncommon, then you can choose the oval cut.

The oval cut provides almost the same brilliance of a round cut, but it looks even bigger because of its elongated shape.

You can put it in the center of your wedding ring, and it’ll give you the same illusion of a bigger stone. Plus, it has a more modern look to it and is typically found in engagement rings instead of wedding rings. So, it can make your ring look a little more unique than most wedding rings out there.

Marquise Cut

If you want an even more unique look but still get the illusion of a big diamond, then you can choose the marquise cut.

It has an elongated shape and is not as common today as it was back then. Still, it’s one of the best diamond cuts that you can choose for the illusion.


The best way to get these stones on your wedding ring is to have them customized. If you have chosen from these cuts, talk to your jeweler to have it incorporated on your rings.