Monday, March 23, 2020

What You Should Know Before You Stock Up

 It is tough to pass up the urge to buy bulk items sometimes. The big-box stores make the deals look so attractive that you never stop to think about the fact that it would take approximately 10 years to eat all that rice and that you would have to look into warehousing King of Prussia PA in order to store it. Recently, it has become commonplace to feel that you need to stockpile staples, but you want to spend your money wisely and not leave things to waste. To make it easy, consult this list of things to take a hard pass on before you take your next trip to the store.

Brown Rice or Whole Grains

There is a reason that many nutritionists recommend brown rice and whole grains. Besides the fact that they are not heavily processed, they are chock full of healthy oils. Unfortunately, those oils can go rancid after a while. Make sure you only buy what you and your family will eat within the next six to eight months.


Bleach is a popular disinfecting agent besides being an excellent way to keep your whites bright. Don't panic. There is no shortage of bleach. It only lasts for about 12 months under normal conditions and starts to break down and lose its effectiveness after only six months.

Nuts or Seeds

Like whole grains, nuts and seeds have heart-healthy oils. What you may not be aware of is how short their shelf life is. Pistachios are only good for three months and walnuts for six months past the expiration date.


If you live in a sunny area, you and your family hopefully use sunscreen to protect your skin. However, unless you use multiple bottles per year, you may want to pass up that deal on a case of sunscreen. Sunscreen only lasts three years on the shelf before it is no longer active.

Be an informed consumer. Do a little homework before you take advantage of that deal on bulk items. Your closet space will thank you.                

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