Tuesday, March 17, 2020

What to Include in a Disaster Preparedness Kit

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                    It's difficult to think about a scenario in which you and your family are confined to your home or an emergency shelter. Nonetheless, it is important to be prepared in the event of a hurricane, tornado, pandemic or another worst-case scenario by assembling a disaster preparedness kit and storing it in a secure location. Make sure to include these items in your kit.

Bottled Water

It's impossible to survive for more than a few days without access to water. In order to anticipate both drinking and sanitation needs, your disaster preparedness kit should include one gallon of all-natural bottled water Tampa FL for each member of your family per day for a minimum of three days.


Make sure to include nonperishable food that does not require heating, cooking or refrigeration. Peanut butter, crackers, canned fruits and vegetables and granola bars are all good options. Don't forget a few sets of utensils and a can opener in order to make sure that you can access and eat the food.

Flashlight and Extra Batteries

To prepare for the possibility of losing power, add a powerful flashlight and extra batteries to your kit. Whether you may be fortunate enough to remain in your home or you need to relocate to a shelter, having no way to see would be frightening and debilitating.


Remember, in an emergency situation, you could be confined to an area for days or weeks on end. A deck of cards, a board game or a book will help to pass the time and take everyone's minds off of the situation at hand.

Chances are, you will never need to use your kit. Still, just in case a disaster does strike, it doesn't hurt to be ready. Assembling supplies and storing them in a safe place is an important way to look out for yourself and your family.


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