Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Tips for Becoming A Better Shooter

Image by RJA1988 from Pixabay

                    When shooting a firearm, you should shoot with accuracy. No matter why you are shooting, you want to have the best performance possible. Here are three things that can affect your accuracy.


The ammunition you decide to use will affect the performance of your gun. The case that the bullet is wrapped in determines how the bullet is ejected from the gun, and how quickly it will cycle through to the next one. The amount of powder that is packed into the cartridge will also make the gun fire differently. The more powder in the gun, the farther the bullet will travel. Though each gun shoots in a different way, you need to find the right ammo that suits your gun.


If you are able to add aftermarket sights, lasers or grips to your gun, these can help the performance of it. There are many Glock 19 upgrades that can be added to stabilize the weapon while shooting. Such things as a new trigger or barrel can be a step up from stock parts and those may be the difference you need while shooting. 

Body Position

The way you conduct your body movements is important for you to shoot the best you can. The gun can be perfectly sighted in, but if you are not breathing or standing right, it can throw everything off. The way you inhale and exhale during the shot will help steady the sights on the target. Your stance should give a good foundation so it can absorb the recoil while shooting. Keeping a steady hand and lining up the sights on the target will ultimately determine where the bullet will go.

When learning how to shoot with accuracy, it is important to focus on your fundamentals. Having good equipment and practicing often will help you become the best shooter possible.


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