Thursday, March 5, 2020

Incredibly Simple Ways To Support Your Child's Education

As parents, we spend a long time looking for the right school environment for our children and for their needs. When you choose to home educate, you choose to ensure that your child has a rounded, open education that encompasses everything that they are interested in and more. The children have to learn, and as their teacher, you have a whole world to introduce them to. Children are daydreamers with big ideas about the world, and you are there to funnel that imagination and make something of it.

The least that you could do for your child is to support their imagination and their education in every way that you can. If we want the very best for our children, it starts by working with their wants. You are running the classroom, which means that the topics of education are all decided between you. You can support your child to push to their potential, and you get to choose the resources that will support the subjects you are following. For example, if you have a budding writer on your hands, you can click to learn more about how to publish their stories. As their teacher, you need all the support that you can get to help your child to achieve their dreams, and if you want to be a partner in your child’s education, let’s look at how you can better support their education.
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  • Give Your Time. Parent volunteers are generally welcome throughout the homeschool groups and clubs in most areas, so have a conversation with the local parents and offer to volunteer your time when they need helpers for an event. You could even just volunteer your time to help in other homeschool classrooms to learn about how to do it yourself before your kids have hit school age.
  • Support The Teacher. You’re the teacher at home, but not at gymnastics, trampolining or the many sports clubs you could take your child through the day. While there are always going to be questions if you’re hearing that your child has been disruptive, it’s important to remember that your kid isn’t an angel from heaven. They WILL play up at some point. If you’ve been told this by their teacher, support them in their response and work with them. Don't immediately berate them for disciplining your kid - there is a chance they needed to do it.
  • Work As A Team. Parents and club leaders must work side by side to ensure that a child has every ounce of encouragement and support possible. Stay in contact with them about your child’s learning, and have meetings together to discuss their progress and behavior. It’s how your child knows that they have you all on their side.
  • Help With Resources. If you feel like you have ideas about their topics, or you want to suggest some student publishing initiatives and take an interest in writing, let your child know that you’ve found things that will be exciting to learn with. They’ll be happy to know you are actively trying for them!

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