Friday, March 6, 2020

4 Tips For A Healthy Swimming Pool

The summer months are gently crawling towards us, and that means that it’s time to make sure that the garden is ready. You want to have the right space for entertaining guests, which means clearing the barbecue and getting the outdoor furniture available for use once more. It also means that you have to get your swimming pool ready once more for a season of outdoor exercise, splashing, splishing, and all-out fun.

Having your own pool? It’s a sign you’ve arrived, but if you’re trying to use a pool without the right chemicals or the right Grundfos multi-stage pump to get the water cleaned out, you’re going to have some trouble. It’s a fun addition to the home, but a swimming pool takes work to get healthy and ready for the season. The good news is that in lieu of a pool professional coming to the house to get it sorted for you, you can do it without their help. Let’s check out four tips that will ensure that your swimming pool is ready for the summer.
Blue Lounger Beside Swimming Pool
  1. Firstly, check the chemistry of the pool. You should have the right pH, and if it’s not correct, the water will not be clean. The higher the pH, the more chlorine you need. You want the chlorine to keep the pool clean, so keep an eye on the pH - a good pool pH monitor is a great idea here.
  2. Next, you want to ensure that the water levels of the pool are correct. You can use a skimmer bucket at a certain height to ensure that the water doesn’t go too high or too low. Skimmer buckets are a great addition to ensure that the debris in the pool is all collected before it sinks to the bottom. Waste making its way into the skimmer can only do so when the water level is correct.
  3. Keep the filters clean as much as possible. It would help if you cleaned out the filters regularly to prevent dirt flowing through the water. Without the filter cleaned, you will have a pool with discolored water. The filter itself needs to be cleaned every four to six months as standard.
  4. Empty out the skimmer bucket every week. Each week it fills with debris, which means that each week it will need to be emptied. A lot of nature will fall in the pool, and the skimmer does the job to keep it cleaned and ensure that no nature gets under your feet when you swim.

You should be able to enjoy long summer days filled with sunshine and joy, but a dirty and unsightly pool doesn’t allow for that. Cooling off in the heat can only be done when you don’t neglect the pool. The pool needs to be in the best possible condition so that you can enjoy it instead of being left on the side. Take your time and get your pool cleaned in good time for the summer and keep a cover on it in the windy weather. The less debris on the surface, the less you’ll have to clean!

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